Off-Season Progress Report: Quarterbacks Are All The Rage

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were known to argue repeatedly over what season it was.

Cowboys Blog - Off-Season Progress Report: Quarterbacks Are All The Rage

Rabbit, Duck, they’re both wrong!

It’s quarterback season around these parts as there has been a ton of discussion among the Inside The Star writers about the most important position in professional sports.

The Dallas Cowboys are facing a myriad of difficult decisions as they begin their march towards greatness in 2016, and a lot of it will concern quarterback and its ensuing depth.

Will the Cowboys look to sign a veteran free agent as many have suggested? Our own Corey Clark takes a look at the battle between perhaps the two biggest names that could be up for discussion – Johnny Manziel & RGIII – and who the Dallas Cowboys should target of the two. You can find the answer right here.

You better get used to those two names because they’re going to be talked about a lot over the next few months. Bobby Belt, Host of Cowboys Cast, and I talked about that among other things on this week’s episode of Cowboys Cast. Bobby also chatted with USA Today’s Jonah Tuls in regards to the guys that could be running routes for these quarterbacks – the draft eligible receivers.

Jonah gives us some great insight on these guys, especially my own preference for the 4th Overall Pick… Ole Miss Wide Receiver Laquon Treadwell. Staff Writer Sean Martin has a different preference for that 4th pick, though. Sean argued right here about why the Dallas Cowboys must go quarterback at that pick. Considering the ineptitude surrounding the position in 2015 it’s relatively easy to get on board with Sean, unless your name is RJ Ochoa.

Cowboys Blog - Off-Season Progress Report: Quarterbacks Are All The Rage 1

I took the alternative route and put together my own pitch, which you can find right here, against that notion. I’ve made it clear that I like Laquon Treadwell with that pick, but more than anything I want immediate impact. The ramifications of not obtaining that could have a ripple effect that we won’t see for some time.

If you don’t believe me give this hypothetical scenario a glance. Imagine if I gave you the option of drafting 4th Overall from the 2014 NFL Draft pool, but you had the exact same roster and needs as the 2016 Dallas Cowboys. Would you really take a quarterback and pass up all of that insane talent? Read to find out.

Of course even if the Dallas Cowboys do take a quarterback with the 4th Overall Pick he will still be the backup to starter Tony Romo. Staff Writer Nick Cocchiaro wrote up a pretty passionate piece right here that detailed the difficult situation that we all have to come to terms with: Tony Romo is an elite quarterback in the NFL, but the end is closer than we’d all like to admit.

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RJ Ochoa on Fancred

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