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Offense Dominates Top 10 Picks of 2017 NFL Draft, Defensive Talent Remains for Cowboys

The was expected to be unpredictable, and through ten picks we have seen two trades to make that point – helping the Cowboys as offensive talent has been the focal point for these teams.

We're still a long way away from the 28th overall pick for the Cowboys, but the Bears trading up for Mitchell Trubisky, the Jaguars selecting Leonard Fournette, and now Kansas City trading away from the pick before Dallas to go get QB all help in the Cowboys war room.

Expected picks on the defensive side of the ball have been Myles Garrett first overall to Cleveland, and Solomon Thomas as the 49ers pick after going from second overall to third.

Offense Dominates Top 10 Picks of 2017 NFL Draft, Defensive Talent Remains for Cowboys 1

also went to a team in need of any ready-made talent, drafted by the 6th overall.

has known for a while now that the defensive talent in this draft stretches well past the , but landing a premier defender with the 28th overall pick looks better and better as teams continue to make their moves up for quarterbacks.

Perhaps teams will realize soon that franchise quarterbacks can be found with the 135th overall pick? For now, a thin class of quarterbacks and wide receivers is being picked through – leaving meat on the bone for teams like Dallas anxiously awaiting defenders that could fall to them.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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