One of the best things about big movies like the new Star Wars is all of the cameo appearances that happen throughout the film.

Please keep in mind that I have yet to see The Force Awakens and that if you spoil it for me I will tell that you were talking about him. We all saw how much he likes that yesterday.

If you look at last Saturday Night's Cowboys/Jets game as a film then you could say that the , in the form of a touchdown at least, made a cameo appearance!

The offense has hardly been watchable the last few weeks, but they got a teeny little spark that set some things in motion nicely. Let's talk about that.

Passing Game

made the start for the during this game and squandered that opportunity pretty quickly.

Cowboys Blog - Offense Makes A Cameo In Dallas Cowboys Loss To New York Jets 1

This is his actual stat line: 3/8 for 37 yards and an interception. Wow.

Cassel did accomplish something quite spectacular in that he was called for intentional grounding on his interception. How is that possible? How can you actually even throw an interception incorrectly?

This seemed to be one of the final nails in the coffin as not long after that Cassel was pulled in favor of .

Moore came in and was not afraid to throw the ball, man. Is he the future of the franchise? Of course not. At least it didn't seem that way during this game. Kellen Moore is significantly more exciting though and the offense seemed to respond to that.

Moore would finish the night 15/25 for 158 yards, a touchdown, and 3 interceptions. He threw three times as many picks as Cassel, but found a way to not be flagged for intentional grounding on any of them so at least that's something.

Overall Grade: C+

Run Game

has continued to play very well for the Cowboys, especially given the circumstances around him.

Cowboys Blog - Offense Makes A Cameo In Dallas Cowboys Loss To New York Jets 2

Run DMC finished the night with 16 carries for an even-steven 100 yards. That's some really solid production from your starting .

The Dallas has erred in some of their evaluations this season, but this is not one of them.

It seems that anyone really can run behind this – certainly to the point where they are effective throughout the game.

Overall Grade: B+

Receiving Game

The real finally stood up during a game and he did it against arguably the best corner on this planet.

Cowboys Blog - Offense Makes A Cameo In Dallas Cowboys Loss To New York Jets 3

Dez reeled in four passes for 50 yards and a spirit-inducing touchdown. The touchdown was fantastic as it was signature Dez Bryant. Once the ball was in his hands it was a foregone conclusion that he was scoring… regardless of anyone around him.

played fairly well, did his usual thing, and hey made his own cameo! There wasn't a whole lot to write home about outside of the Dez touchdown, but it is worth noting that all of the pass catchers seemed to up their intensity when Moore took over.

Overall Grade: B-

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