One OK Sooner for Another?

As I do everyday I read the fort-worth star telegram (my favorite newspaper)today to see what was happening in the metroplex and unfortunately Roy Willy is still a Cowboy! I have been hearing this since the season ended and draft talk began but apparently the cowboys have Reggie Smith (CB from OU) in their sights! As we all know the Dallas secondary needs help in two major areas.

The first and most glaring need is at safety since the one we have SUCKS!!! and actually the best safety on the team is now a free agent (Ken Hamlin). In my opinion we would be better off if we could somehow find some idiot G.M. (Matt Millen) and sell him on how much he needs Roy Willy and trade his sorry ass and resign Hamlin. This would make the secondary look something like this:

  • DB1 = T-New
  • DB2 = Draft
  • FS = Anthony Henry or Pat Watkins
  • SS = Ken Hamlin

Second necessary Item would be the need for another stand alone corner to take Henry’s position alongside T-New.The word around town is that the cowboys have Reggie Smith on their radar. I would like to say that I like this kid and think he would bring some of the same things Henry brings to the table, tenacity,fierceness,and of course the obvious ability to cover.The problem I have with him is he is a Sooner and our recent track record with Sooners is well shitty and I would rather not have any of their kind on the team. I would much rather see the boys try to swing a deal to get up in the draft and get a kid like Mike Jenkins from south Florida or Leodis McKelvin from Troy. either of these two guys would be great additions.

The key to any of this working out in Dallas’s favor is finding someone (Matt Millen) to take shit bag off their hands ( I am in favor of a Roy Williams for Roy Williams straight up).

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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