Sentiments from a man who has recently entered the workforce after retiring after signing a one-day deal with the Giants. These are the type of comments that are so far out there that it is not even worth taking seriously.

First he stated the Offensive Line is overrated; how is that even remotely the case?

Three Pro Bowlers last year, two first team All-Pro players ( and ), and a 2nd team All-Pro player (). One would be slightly foolish to not rate that unit highly.

Unstable at Running Back? I believe it is the fact there is more of a stable of Running Backs.

I would personally take and over Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams. So one should not pretend the Giants have a perennial on their roster either.

Good Wide Receiver?

This is true, but I would argue three with how and looked through . So he was at least slightly correct there.

Erratic Quarterback?

I will just leave this here for you to click on. This is also something you should click on if you believe Osi. Great analysis on , Osi.

Keep drinking the Kool-aid? Sorry Osi, I prefer Sweet Tea.

Finally, yes the Cowboys can and will be beaten. Only the 1972 Dolphins went undefeated. As you see, is simply applying for a “Cowboy Hater” panel position on or the Network.

Perhaps the would use this as bulletin board material if Osi was actually a member of the . In actuality, at this point he is no more than a fan spouting a ridiculous on twitter.

Keep right on hating, Osi. Keep right on.