Pac No More

Well it came to the attention of the media today that the Cowboys have released Pacman Jones. Again it had something to do with a strip club, hookers, guns, gangs, drugs, liquor, etc. Honestly, as a serious Cowboys fan I could not be happier. Let’s think about this for a second, Pacman gone means less hyped up drama from ESPN (Extremely Stupid People’s Network), and that is a plus for the Cowboys. Secondly this shows that someone in the Administration is finally getting some balls and realizing you don’t have to have a team of Thug A$$ gangsters to be good. Hopefully this is the first of a lot of reconstructive moves in the off season, because right now this team is in deep shit.

On another note the Cowboys lost practice squad receiver Danny Amendola to none other than the Eagles. I was really hoping to see Amendola on the field with Romo one day. Oh well, Good Riddance.

Newman and Crayton both underwent ankle surgery but should be fully recovered by the time training camp rolls around!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Written by Lee Pierce


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