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Pac Re-instated by the Commish

I saw on .com where Pac was reinstated by the commish, but he can't play until the Steelers game. Honestly this is his absolute last straw. This is where the leaders of the Cowboys need to have a serious conversation with him about not being a dumbass. Pac will have even more eyes on him now than his original . He is an extremely talented and the Cowboys could use his skills as a return man, but at some point the bull shit has to stop. Your a grown man, this is the point in your life where you have make good, smart decisions because football doesn't last forever and if you F*** up again you have to find another way to make a living.

It seems simple to me. Play football and make millions. I hope he really understands that he is on the end of the plank and one little situation could ruin his football career.

Here is the ESPN article.

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