Perfect Day, Maybe … Perfection Distant Still

As one of my co-writers wrote recently, the Cowboys caught a lucky break by watching all three of their NFC East foes lose while they say comfortably at home during a bye week, but they are still far behind the competition as things stand now.

Overall the Cowboys have yet to show that they deserve to be in the playoffs this year. Their play, while it has had some flare at different points so far this season, hasn’t exactly been something other teams might look at in awe. It’s left me feeling a bit uneasy actually. Normally I’d go to work and talk smack with my manager, who is a Dolphins fan for some ungodly reason, but lately I’ve been a little timid to speak up that this is the year for my beloved ‘Boys.

Next week we invite the Falcons to Cowboys Stadium for a game that really has no initial hope for a blowout in either direction, but it certainly has the potential for one. The Cowboys offense has been hit or miss, while the defense has been mostly miss.

From sacks to coverage and basic tackling, the Cowboys have looked unprepared and unwilling when it comes to wrapping up the ball carrier in the open field. DeMarcus Ware didn’t even get a sack until week 5 … who would have ever predicted that?

The new formation we were told about during camp has been all it was promised to be – simple. It’s called the 12 formation it simply means 1 running back and 2 tight ends. But we’ve yet to really see any opportunities for Martellus Bennett and Jason Witten’s production has been down as well, though he has been just as clutch as we’ve come to love him for being.

Even Roy Williams hasn’t been as bad as many thought he would be, though we can’t really praise him either. Against Kansas City, a team we should have beaten quite easily, we struggled at times in every area. In fact it really had to come down to an overtime victory because we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities earlier in the game to wrap it up for a decided victory. The end fit our performance.

But the only bright spot in that game was Miles Austin and his breakout performance, but it still had enough flaws to keep it from being anything more than a good game on his part.

He dropped easily catchable touchdown passes again and again.

His speed was nice, and his ability to stay on his feet after the first hit was nice as well, but his hands need work. Maybe it was jitters since his hands seemed to get better the more plays he made.

But who’s to really know if his great game was the result of hard work and talent or just the lackluster ability of the Chiefs defense to contain him – only time will tell.

As we invite the Falcons home to Cowboys Stadium this coming weekend it’s an obvious concern that these Cowboys will once again be inconsistent. Should a game between these two teams really be as close and hard fought as I expect it will be?

I mean this game could be a blowout, and either team could be the one blown out. It has every bit of that potential and it worries me, as it should you.

But at this point in the year, six weeks down, these Cowboys should be doing better than just 3-2, a mere score away from being 2-3. They have the talent, the skill and experience to be a 5-0 team right now, but have failed to stay consistent and passionate and have made far too many mistakes. The penalties are obviously something that hasn’t changed over these last few years, and ole Flozell is still leading them all in that category, but there is no reason that this team should be so undisciplined.

I’m worried about Sunday, this one and the next and every one after that if this team doesn’t get on track right away.

What do you think?

Bryson Treece

Written by Bryson Treece

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC


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