PHOTO: Ezekiel Elliott In Full Cowboys Uniform For First Time

Imagine opening up a new toy on Christmas morning.

You rip the wrapping paper off, you find out it’s exactly what you want, excitement floods your veins, and all of a sudden your parents say that you can’t play with it until April.

That’s what it’s like for NFL fans after the Draft. We got not one, but nine new toys! We just want to play with them, but the 2016 season doesn’t begin until September. Sad face.

The shiniest of our new toys is inarguably Ezekiel Elliott. He’s that toy that was on our wish list all year long and we’re so anxious to play with him that even a small taste of what it would be like would be great right now.

Here’s that taste. Ezekiel Elliott is wearing the FULL Dallas Cowboys uniform for the first time ever today for some rookie promotional photo shoots. Check it out!

Darren Rovell on Twitter

Ezekiel Elliott arrives at this morning’s NFLPA Rookie Premiere, trying on the full Cowboys uniform for the first

Look at him! He’s glorious! He looks like a greek god!

Sure, we’ve seen Zeke holding his jersey and rocking the practice uniform – this is a million times better.

This is exactly how Zeke will look as he marches towards running back glory and the 2016 Rookie of the Year title this upcoming season.

This week’s episode of the RJOShow was all about uniforms so it’s a great time to really assess young Ezekiel’s right now. He’s seen here with his classic crop top look, and while that’s something people will smile about my favorite part about this is that he’s wearing the white Cowboys uniform.

Dallas is the only team who wears white when at home so it’s something they wear on the road pretty frequently as well. In 2015 the Cowboys wore their white uniforms 11 times. In 2014 they wore them 15 times, and in 2013 they wore them 14 times. That means that the Cowboys have worn their classic whites in 40 of their last 50 games. 80%!

In other words, get used to this look from Zeke. Opposing defenders are already having nightmares about it.

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