Pick Six Scores Kevin Burnett #57

There are officially 57 days until the toe meets the ball at AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys will host the New York Giants on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.


If you didn’t start your Saturday morning off with a bowl of cereal then go get one right now, preferably Apple Jacks… although Cinnamon Toast Crunch will suffice. Make sure you get a big spoon as you’re going to also taste the Greatest 57 in .

The Following Players Have All Worn 57 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • , LB
  • Ron Burton, LB
  • , LB
  • Alan Campos, LB
  • Quentin Coryatt, LB
  • Kyle Davis, C
  • DeVonte Holloman, LB
  • Bruce Huther, LB
  • Mike Keller, LB
  • Angelo King, LB
  • Louis Mackey, LB
  • , LB
  • , LB
  • Jimmie Turner, LB
  • Louie Walker, LB
  • Malcolm Walker, C
  • Barron Wortham, LB

Earning The Title

Cowboys Blog - Pick Six Scores Kevin Burnett #57 4You don’t become great unless you make some great plays and those kinds of plays typically happen in big games. On November 19th, 2006 the 9-0 rolled into to play the Dallas Cowboys and their new , .

’ Cowboys gave Peyton and Co. everything that they had, and with the Cowboys trailing 7-0 early in the third quarter so did the Greatest #57 in Dallas , Kevin Burnett.

Burnett picked off Peyton and dashed his way down the sidelines 39 yards (117 feet for all you math whizzes out there) into the end zone. This swung the momentum in the way of the Cowboys as they went on to give the eventual Champion Colts their first loss of the season.

Kevin Burnett, the Dallas Cowboy

Cowboys Blog - Pick Six Scores Kevin Burnett #57 5

Kevin Burnett had a lot of hype surrounding him after being taken in the of the 2005 . Amidst a series of to both of his knees, Kevin still found ways to make an extreme impact… as evidenced by his play in 2006.

Burnett only started 4 games in his Cowboy career, but he proved to be a very viable backup in many situations. Kevin could play well in coverage and was an ace player. He excelled in nickel and dime packages and he certainly gave the number 57 something to be proud of.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 56 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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