I don’t know how many people actually seeing this have listened to the show, but I cannot say it enough – Go listen!

Having never been a “ person” before, I can understand the hesitation to spend a half hour listening to one episode. You usually have to be in a place where you can pay attention, which requires being alone most of the time, and even then, who knows if you’ll actually enjoy it enough to listen? I get it.

The Best Part Of Cowboys Cast Might Just Be That We Host It On SoundCloud!

What that means for you is a very carefully constructed mobile app for Android and iPhone that allows you to listen to Cowboys Cast while you’re on the go. I find driving to or from work a great time for it since I’m already listening to talk radio during that time anyway.

Site Updates

We’re still working on the site, so if you see things jumping around between pages, my bad! I’ll try to have this done as soon as possible.

Guests In Store for Cowboys Cast in May 2015

Coming up on Cowboys Cast we’ve got mainstay and Insider, this Sunday (May 3, 2015) to help us get a look at what’s happening at Valley Ranch, after we go over the Cowboys’ draft picks, of course. Then we’ll have Dallas Cowboys on the show next week (May 10, 2015), followed by a special co-host – that means he’ll stay for the entire show! – on Sunday, May 17, 2015.

We’re working to bring some newly drafted Dallas Cowboys onto the show so we can all get to know our new Stars a bit, but even if we fail at every turn, & Dave Campo are certainly two interviews you do not want to miss. Not to mention some pretty sweet talks with Dallas Cowboys linebacker Andrew Gachkar, Draft GURU Dane Brugler & Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher.

As always, we love Cowboys Nation and appreciate every single one of you listening to the show and sharing it with friends and family on Twitter & Facebook!

We invite everyone who listens to tell as many people as possible about us so we can continue to grow. Who knows, you might be catching us on your weekend FM stations before long (fingers crossed!).