Position Matchups vs. Giants

Marion Barber vs. Brandon Jacobs

If you like power backs that punish defenders this is the game of the year for you to watch.

Marion Barber is known for his punishing stiff arms and powerful forearms. He truly has mastered the art of breaking tackles. His exciting style of running is complemented with his fiery attitude and big play potential.

Brandon Jacobs is one big Mo Fo. he actually looks like a linebacker, and really is bigger than most linebackers that have to tackle him. Don’t let his size fool you though, he does have pretty good speed for a fatass. It should be interesting on how the defense attacks him this week. Also, I heard his dad was a Jewbacca?

Advantage: Marion Barber. I can’t go against The Barbarian! In his last outing against the Giants he ran for 129 yards. Look for another big day from him.

Captain Ass Bag vs. Elisha

Captain Ass Bag is 40. This is his 17th season in the league, and it shows. Oh ya he won a Super Bowl before any of his teammates on the Cowboys were born, not really but you get the picture.

Elisha won the Super Bowl last year. He has recently stepped out from behind his older brothers shadow, but if anything dramatic happens he is likely to fall right back behind him. Elisha has a very good offense around him and he knows how to use his weapons.

Advantage: Elisha. Sorry folks, were just not very deep at the QB position. I am ready to jump on the Brooks Bollinger band wagon at any time! Well at least until Romo is back.

Wade “Double Meat Double Cheese” Phillips vs. Tom “I’m about to stroke out” Coughlin

First things first Wade Phillips Daughter is so much hotter than Coughlin’s. Want proof?

Advantage: Wade! You might be a soft coach but you can sure make a damn fine daughter!

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Written by Lee Pierce


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