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Well we already know what has been going on with the Roy Williams and the constant talk of his “inconsistency” which has yet to be tested. I believe that you are safe to bet that he will remain the number 1 receiver. However, there will be strong competition throughout the summer. Miles Austin is as confident as ever thanks to Jerry Jones and Patrick Crayton is looking to lock the 2 Spot. Also, Sam Hurd has been looking great lately and has the strength and speed combination that receivers use to dominate. Here is a look at each guys production last year and 2009 Outlook.

Roy Williams– 19 rec 198 yds 10.4 yards per catch with 1 touchdown- At 6-3 211 lbs, Williams has the makings of a “Possession” type receiver. He has demonstrated his ability with the lions and had a understandingly difficult time producing last season in a new system. He’s been working hard this off season with QB Tony Romo and has last some weight to become more explosive. He should be playing with a chip on his shoulder and I believe he’ll silence his critics.

Miles Austin– 13 rec 278 yards 21.4 yards per catch with 3 touchdowns- At 6-3 216lbs, Miles has become a rising star in Dallas. The 24 year old matches good size with blazing speed. His 21.4 yard average is a sign of his big play ability. He has the potential to be an elite receiver if used correctly. I believe he is comparable to a Wes Welker and will have a similar season as Welker did a few years ago. Expect Austin to start but be put in the slot in certain formations.

Patrick Crayton– 39 rec 550 yards 14.1 yards per catch with 4 touchdowns- Crayton has hit the big 3-0 and is starting to show his age. He is fairly inconsistent with his catches but has allowed himself to be clutch in some situations. At 6 ft and 204 lbs, Crayton is a typical slot receiver and has not produced when given prime shots at becoming a star type receiver. With his prime a year or so behind him I expect him to plateau, but will still possess the ability to play well in slot situations.

Sam Hurd– Injured last season, in 2007 he posted 19 rec 314 yards 16.5 yards per catch and 1 touchdown- Sam Hurd is coming off a down season. He is a warrior, he has heart, and he has passion. Not to mention he had a pretty good mentor in Owens. He will be the quiet type but will impress all that takes the time to watch him. At 6-2 205 lbs he is a strong and quick receiver who will be able to produce if given the chance. If he can beat out Crayton for the number 3 spot he’ll be a gem.

My Depth Chart Prediction:
1. Roy Williams
2. Miles Austin
3. Patrick Crayton
4. Sam Hurd

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

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