For the last few weeks, the question has been asked, are the the best team in football? Yes, the Seahawks victory in Seattle should be a good indication, and winning 6 games in a row is another. But there's one team in my opinion – who can't run the ball like the Cowboys (Honestly, who can?) – that has a tremendous edge on defense.

1. Denver Broncos   (5-1)

The Broncos put a beat down on San Francisco. If the game would have been closer it's very possible the number two team would be sitting here. But Manning was on fire Monday night as he passed for the most touchdown passes at 509, and that defense is starting to really making its presence known.

2. Dallas Cowboys   (6-1)

The Cowboys are coming off their 6th win in a row. And you can argue there isn't a hotter team in the league right now. Tony Romo, (Who by the way broke a 56-year-old record held by hall of famer Jim Brown) and are known as the new triplets. Their defense didn't have its best game, but one thing they did do was shut down the run, and that had been a big area of concern for this team. If they can get a win against the Redskins and then the Cardinals the following week, I'll have no choice but to put them down as the best team in football.

3. Indianapolis Colts   (5-2)

Andrew Luck is playing light outs football. Many people aren't talking about him as an candidate, but I think he deserves to be in the same breath as Rivers, P. Manning, and DeMarco Murray. The Colts D held the Bengals to a goose egg. If that defense continues playing like that, the Broncos are going to have some company for favorites out of the AFC to reach the Super Bowl

4. Arizona Cardinals   (5-1)

Before the season started, the cards were looked at as possibly the third best team… in their own division. Now that's not really a knock because you have the Hawks and Niners over there as well. But who do we have leading that division by 1 ½ games? That's right, those Cardinals of Arizona.

5. Philadelphia Eagles   (5-1)

The Eagles are coming off a bye after giving the Giants a beat down the week prior. If their defense plays like that for the rest of the season, they're gonna be hard to beat.

6. Detroit Lions   (5-2)

The Lions have two of the best defensive tackles in the game, and both are playing for new contracts. So that means trouble for the rest of the league. The Lions are also winning despite being without all-universe WR Calvin Johnson.

7. Green Bay Packers   (5-2)

is playing the best he's ever played. And that is just frightening for the rest of the league. The Pack still has questions on defense but they are certainly playing better these days.

8. Baltimore Ravens   (5-2)

The Ravens are back to playing good defense (Not Defense) and SR continues to show everyone why he still belongs in the league. As long as their defense can continue to get better, they'll make a serious push.

9. New England Patriots   (5-2)

I still can't help thinking about the beating this team took a couple of weeks ago at the hand of the Chiefs. I know it's just one game, but they looked awful. has hushed the media by playing up to the greatness everyone is used to seeing from him. Injuries to starters Jared Mayo and Steven Ridley are going to hurt this team in the long run and might end up being too much to over come.

10. San Diego Chargers   (5-2)

I know some people may think I'm crazy for putting the Chargers at #10 with as great as Phillip Rivers has been playing, but their defense is going to need to step up for this team to continue to be considered one of the best teams in the league. Losing to the Chiefs at home didn't help, but it was a divisional game and those games can always go either way. But for me, it comes back to their defense and that's why they are ranked #10.

11. Kansas City Chiefs   (3-3)

The Chiefs have beat two top 10 teams in my power , but they are so Jekyll/Hyde. It's still a big leap for them compared to other power polls. Those guys are doing really well, considering all they've lost on defense. And they just won a game on the road against one of the hottest teams in the league, too.

12. San Francisco 49ers   (4-3)

It was just a couple of weeks ago that the Niners were looking like Super Bowl contenders. But the smack down they took from the Broncos has raised a lot of questions. Once considered one of the best offensive lines in the league, they've been decimated with and overall poor play. Their defense hasn't been anything like it was in the past. Although a lot of that has to do with the absence of and . Both are expected back at some point this season…

13. Pittsburgh Steelers   (4-3)

Like the Chiefs, you just don't know what you're going to get with this team. And the win against the Texans showed how they've played so far – like seller dwellers for part of the game, then like world champs the other part of the game. Again, consistency pays off when you actually have some.

14. Seattle Seahawks   (3-3)

They should drop out of the top 20 after falling for special teams trickery twice by the Rams. But, they are still the champs and Russell Wilson is putting up video game numbers. Teams don't fear these guys anymore. You can thank the Dallas Cowboys for that.

15. Buffalo Bills   (4-3)

These next few teams really could all go in this spot. But I mainly picked the Bills to go here because they won. Kyle Orton has this team playing with some hope. They were hit hard at the running back position, losing C J Spiller and Fred Jackson for a lengthy amount of time, so any hope at all is a good thing.

16. Cincinnati Bengals   (3-3-1)

There is something going on with the Bengals, and it isn't good. Not only did the Colts dominate them, they got embarrassed. But I think it was the Bengals embarrassing themselves more than anything else. Their defense has been lit up two games in a row. One of those games by the Panthers, and those guys don't exactly have a lot of offensive weapons.

17. Carolina Panthers   (3-3-1)

I know this team is missing , but this defense is nothing like the 2013 defense. The Panthers will probably end up winning the South, but it could be by default. is having to carry this team, and I don't think he's at the level where he can carry a team like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

18. Miami Dolphins   (3-3)

The Dolphins pulled off a bit of a shocker by going into Chicago and beating DA Bears. If their can match their defensive production, they could push for a spot in the .

19. Cleveland Browns   (3-3)

Just when you think the Browns could be on to something, they go down to Jacksonville and pull a stinker. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back, because if they don't do it in a hurry, Johnny Football's name will be heard loud and clear from Ohio.

20. New York Giants   (3-4)

They gave the Cowboys all they could handle, but their defense let them down once again. Their run D is horrible as teams have put up well over 300 yards rushing on them in the last two weeks. Eli Manning isn't good enough to carry this team like his brother. Could be the start of a really long year in New York.

21.   (3-4)

I know, I know. They have so much talent on offense, but these guys aren't clicking. Their defense isn't much of a defense any more. If there was one thing you could count on going in to a football season, it would be that the Bears would have a good defense. Well, not this year.

22.   (2-4)

Rob Ryan had this defense turned around, right? This team was supposed to push for a Super Bowl appearance. Not happening! Drew Brees is turning the ball over and their defense hasn't gotten back to 2012 bad. But they're not as good as the 2013 Saints defense.

23. St. Louis Rams   (2-4)

I went with the Rams here because I think their defense has too much talent to keep playing so badly. Unlike the Texans, the Rams have a QB for the future in Austin Davis.

24.   (3-4)

They are better than last season, but not a whole lot better in my eyes. They have no chance with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB and if their defensive front doesn't get pressure, they don't have anyone that can cover in the .

25. Atlanta Falcons   (2-5)

Went with the Falcons here because I felt their talent is better than their record. But it just isn't coming together for this team. Their defense is horrible and doesn't show any signs of getting better. Like other QBs mentioned, isn't good enough to carry this team by himself.

26. Washington Redskins   (2-5)

Could their season be saved by Colt McCoy? Probably not, but it is good to see the guy show everyone that he can play in this league.

27.   (2-5)

Not enough talent on both sides of the ball for this team this year. gives them some hope for the future. This team had a fighting chance with Adrian Peterson, but without him, the Vikes don't have enough anywhere else to make any kind of noise.

28. New York Jets   (1-6)

Yes they've only won one game, but you can't overlook the fact they have a good defense. Kudos to them for sticking with Geno Smith and giving the guy a chance. If they would have given him some real weapons earlier in the season, who knows what might have happened.

29.   (1-6)

The Jags still have a long ways to go, but their defense has shown they can bring the heat. Who knows, maybe they can string together some wins now that they finally got their first one under their belt.

30.   (2-5)

The titans have an okay , annnnnd that's about it.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   (1-5)

This team is bad, really bad. I'm not sure why people thought Lovie Smith was a miracle worker because obviously he isn't.

32. Oakland Raiders   (0-6)

Well at least you know you got a top 5 pick in the draft next April and you didn't have to wait that long to find out.