Pre-Season Offensive Recap vs. Houston

The game against the Texans was a little painful to watch at some moments, but all in all it was a pretty decent offensive ball game for the Boys. As always, there were areas that need improvement. The Barbarian looked like he ate a pre-game dinner of raw meat with a side of nails. He punished the Texans defense in his short but sweet appearance. Actually he bent them over and did them dirty. Marion rushed 13 times for 75 yards and a TD. I am really looking forward to seeing him work this year.

Ol’ Tony had himself a pretty solid game against the in-state rivals (there Texans fans I said it just to make you happy). Romo completed 15 of 19 passes for 166 yards and led the offense on two touchdown drives, including a six-yard TD pass to Patty Crayton in the first quarter. The only real concern I had with the performance of the Offense didn’t come from a player but from our boy wonder offensive coordinator. WHY WHY WHY would you pound the ball down the Texans throats with your running game and then try to throw the ball on 2nd and goal? With the end result of Romo throwing an interception that led to a Texans TD drive . I may not be a multimillion dollar coordinator but seriously one more hand off to Marion and you’re in there for 6! That’s how I see it. One play that sticks out most in my head from this game was Romo over throwing TO in what would have been a deep Touchdown pass, the reason it stuck out so much was because in last weeks episode of “Hard Knocks”, TO said that him being over thrown doesn’t happen that often. Well it happened and it sucked.

The Big Nasty’s (O-Line) had a great showing on the field Friday night. Tony actually had a pocket to sit in which in turn allowed him to complete most of his passes. I felt like I was watching a 7-on-7 tournament minus the 4 second time limit. Also, Marion’s performance has to be linked to the enormous holes manufactured by the big guys. You could have driven a Volkswagen through some of those holes. This could be a great season if these guys stay healthy and continue to dominate the opposing D-line like they did against the Texans. (ya Mario Williams sucks by the way)
The only good thing about preseason is getting to watch the Rookie’s. Felix Jones had a well….SHITTY performance. 5 carries for 10 yards and a lost fumble. I wouldn’t be worried about this though, yes he is a rookie, but I believe he has transitioned pretty smoothly into the game speed and intensity of the NFL. We have one more preseason game to see what he can do and I feel like he has a lot more to show than the few plays we have seen. I am very impressed with how quick his feet are and how well he cuts and reacts. It is going to add another weapon to the already potent offense with the option to throw to him out of the backfield.

The 2’s and 3’s looked alright against the Texans. Watching Brad Johnson is like watching ice melt, but he did have him self a pretty decent game against a pathetic Texans defense. By the way Jacques Reeves looked shittier than he did in Dallas. I am just ready for the Vikings game, because that means we are that much closer to REAL games!

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Written by Lee Pierce


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