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Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings: Defense

There are a few defenses that are worth taking before the last couple of rounds of your drafts. And depending on the settings and format, you might see people taking team defenses in the single digit rounds.

The Strategy

One important aspect that I look for in a is recent track record. You want to draft a team that has shown the ability to sack the and create turnovers. The several years ago were one of these teams. Year in and year out, you could count on them to score big in fantasy football.

If there isn't a team with a recent track record of success, then you look at teams with upside. Before a team reaches a dominant level, it first has to add talented pieces.

Typically, I like to wait until the second to last round to draft my team defense. There is a lot of upside there. Oakland is my favorite defense drafted outside the top 10.

Pittsburgh and Green Bay also offer options outside of the top 10 as they will likely play with a lot of leads, which will allow the defense to get after the quarterback and generate more turnovers.

Fantasy Football - Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings: DefenseDefense Rankings

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