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Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings: Kickers

Kickers, while not necessarily a huge part of your team, are part of the team. Figuring out the to draft can be tricky at times. A lot of luck is needed for your kicker to rank in the top ten in fantasy scoring.

The Strategy

Don't take a kicker until the final round of your fantasy football drafts. Keeper leagues are the only time you might consider drafting a kicker before the final round.

Player's keeper cost is relative to where you chose the player the previous season. For example, in one league I'm in, the keeper cost is 2 rounds higher than where they were drafted. If you drafted Michael Floyd in the 18th round of your draft in 2015, he would only cost a 16th rounder to keep him in 2016.

So, wait until the last round of your draft in standard leagues.

Not drafting a kicker is also a solid strategy. It allows you to take a wait and see position on another player. You can pick up a kicker before the season starts.

When I draft a kicker, I look mostly for opportunities. Offenses that are good is important, but so is an that won't always score touchdowns. Extra points are good, but field goals are better (especially in leagues with distance bonuses).

Look at Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, and Dallas for your kicker.

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