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Preseason games mean very little

In the NFL there are many things that matter and a few that do not. The obvious ones that do matter are scoring, turnovers and third down efficiency to name a few. Then there are the ones that do not matter which are the first game of the season, opening drives, the first team to score and games.

Now we all know the Cowboys have been mediocre at best this past preseason. The has shown flashes of being dominant while the has looked pitiful. The does not seem to be able to block anyone and the was nonexistent but it is preseason.

Preseason games have no bearing on how a team will perform in the regular season. The truth is most veterans are playing at half speed and do not want to get hurt as well as being worn down from . There are also players mixed in that have very little or no experience at all in these games. It's hard to get continuity when there are different players in and out throughout the games in preseason.

I know we keep hearing the term but the Cowboys have been very vanilla in their playcalling. Against the Texans the Cowboys did not blitz one time. That's about as vanilla as you can get. has also said that the Cowboys have run most of their offensive plays only in practice and have not revealed them yet.

Preaseason is no time to start to panic. This Cowboys team is loaded and has too much talent to not be successful in 2010. Now there are areas of concern like the offensive line and the running game. If it carries over into the Redskins game then I would say this team is in trouble.

I have confidence that this team will either be 12-4 or more than likely 11-5 and another crown. I also think they will be in the thick of things at the end of the season and challenge for the . Let's at least wait to see how the Washington game pans out before we say the sky is falling on the Cowboys.

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