Previewing The Eagles

The Cowboys season comes down to one game! Who better to play than the hated Eagles? I must be honest I would much prefer knowing going into this game that the boys were already in the playoffs, but they are not. So there is only one thing to do, and that is to beat the Eagles and begin the new season.

To get ready for the game I went over to NFL Network, funny how different this team looks. Anyway we were supposed to exchange questions with Bleeding Green Nation but we were unable to finish, follow me after the break to see what bleeding green had to say.

1. After what happened to the Eagles in Washington and Dallas against the Ravens, these two teams seem to be on similar ships. Neither team apparently wants in the playoffs! Can the Eagles recover and win this week against Dallas?

“Yeah, I would imagine Eagles and Cowboys fans are feeling pretty similar about their teams right now… They’re obviously talented, but prone to mental lapses and always leave you wondering whether they’ll show up on Sundays. So can the Eagles come out and beat Dallas this weekend? There’s no doubt. Could they get blown out? No doubt… I feel pretty confident that you’ll face a pretty good Eagles defense and at the very least that unit is going to show up… but the offense? Your guess is as good as mine.”

2. What has been the reason for such inconsistency with the Eagles this year?

“That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Personally, I think it starts with the coaching. The players haven’t always executed and there are holes on the roster… but more than anything I think the Eagles’ inconsistency this year has stemmed from Reid’s play calling. There are times this year in close games with bad weather where he’s called 60 pass plays and less than 20 runs. This is guy who brings in a young QB for his first real game action against the Ravens’ defense on the road in a close game and abandons the run. How is that putting your team in a position to be successful? When the offense is not clicking, I just don’t feel like Reid knows how to adjust in game or fix it.”

3. Did Donovan and the Eagles have a game rules meeting after the Bengal game?

“Given the number of players around the NFL who admitted in the weeks following that they didn’t know the rule… maybe Goodell should have the meeting.”

4. If the Eagles get in to the playoffs can they do any damage or are they a one and done?

“Sure they could. They’ve beaten the Giants this year in New York. They’ve beaten the Cardinals. They’ve beaten the Steelers… All playoff teams, all division winners, two of which are arguably two of the 3 best teams in football. That’s been the frustration with the Eagles this year. We know they’re good enough to beat the best teams, because they have…. but then they also tie the Bengals. They lose to the Bears & Redskins.”

5. If you could have one player from Dallas who would it be and why?

“This is easiest question I’ve gotten all year! Jason Witten. If the guy isn’t the best tight end in football he’s at least the second best and I think tight end is perhaps our biggest hole on either side of the ball. Adding a bona fide playmaker like Witten at that spot could be worth 2 or 3 more wins.”

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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