Greg Ellis: Pro Bowl Player or Pro Bowl Baby?

Greg EllisHow is it possible for a 33-year-old man (supposedly) at 6’6″ 270lbs. have what I like to call short mans disease? It is either a disease or he is absolutely the biggest tittie baby I have ever seen!

Greg Ellis has shown everyone that matters coaches,teammates,fans, and even the media over his tenure in Dallas that he is well worth whatever it is that Jerry Jones pays him. There should be no doubt in any ones mind that he is a top-tier outside linebacker or defensive lineman. There should also be no doubt that he is, and has been a great “Team Guy”. So why is he so f-in temperamental ? Was he this way in high school? College? The reason I ask this question is because when I think back to my high school years, and the time I spent playing sports I remember having teammates that were stellar athletes, ones that received division 1 scholarships. I am sure all of you can remember some of your old teammates that would be in this realm, but what most of them had in common was that they had very large ego’s. I do not remember a one of them that doubted what they could do on the field!

Does he have such low self-esteem that in order to make himself feel better he must retreat back to the nine-year old child within himself? Just about all of the things that he stirs up every year seem so childish. He does everything but throw himself down to the ground kicking and screaming! When my four-year old does this I send him to his room and close the door and tell him when he stops crying and wants to talk then he can come out, but what do you do with a thirty-three year old man who does this? Well my best guess is that the cowboys do just what they are doing and that is to let him take his ball and go home! This will all go away by June 17th, this is the first mandatory mini-camp! This is also the day that if he fails to show up and participate he will lose approximately 1.5 million dollars! Yes that’s right 1.5 million, see last year when he had his panic attack about his insurance policy, Mr. Jones made an arrangement with Greg. A portion of that agreement was that he would receive a 1.5 million dollar bonus IF he attends and participates in all mandatory team function’s!

Well it seems that sending a child to their room is an equal opportunity employer! Even for those over the age of 30!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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