Randy Gregory: I’m Disappointed, Plain & Simple

    Well look at what we got here.

    has been suspended for the first four games of the for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

    Now, you can argue about whether should be legal or not. You can argue about whether the league has a ridiculous substance abuse policy. Guess what, I am not here to argue about either and I think this instance is about more than abusing a substance.

    For Randy Gregory to do this really stings. I really believed that this was behind him. I thought that this was a good kid who made a dumb mistake and was ready to use it as motivation to become great.

    Listen to his call with after he was drafted. Listen to everything Randy Gregory said after being selected by the in the of the 2015 .

    This looked like a kid who realized his mistake and was so thankful of the Cowboys organization for taking the chance on him. He seemed like he was going to be made into a monster. The Cowboys slapped the historic number 94 on his back as if to say “Randy…we believe in you and we have your back.”

    Cowboys Blog - Randy Gregory, I am Disappointed. Plain and Simple
    Randy Gregory was given the 94 and I am not happy with what he has done with it

    The Cowboys held up their end. They took the chance on a troubled kid. They backed it up by putting that number on his back. They said all the right things about him publicly and stuck their neck out for him.

    This is how Randy Gregory repays this organization?

    This is simply inexcusable. This basically says that Randy Gregory cares more about whatever substance he absused than he does about his professional career, his ability to make a lot of money, the Dallas Cowboys organization and the game of football.

    It was made quite simple for him. There were two options, 1. Play football, make a lot of money and have a lot of success for a team that stuck their neck out for you, or 2. Continue to use banned substances.

    Randy Gregory obviously chose the second option.

    Now what?

    The Cowboys still have Randy Gregory obviously, and he still has tremendous talent. Gregory can still participate in all work as well as the , so he can continue to work on his game.

    Cowboys Blog - Randy Gregory, I am Disappointed. Plain and Simple 2
    Randy Gregory still has a career in front of him, but you can't force a player to get it

    Gregory will miss a quarter of the 2016 Cowboys season, which obviously really hurts. The position is now a position of major need.

    Randy Gregory using this substance not only hurt himself, but it hurt 52 other men. His teammates should be disgusted. He hurt every member of the Cowboys . He hurt every single coach that believed in him.

    This was purely selfish and the repercussions are tremendous for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Yes, it is four games. Can the Cowboys just simply believe in him now? How could you? You have to prepare as if this will happen again. You have to look into the future of the defensive end position for the Dallas Cowboys down the line.

    Randy Gregory now becomes an added bonus rather than a guy you are counting on to be a major part of your team's future.

    Cowboys Blog - Randy Gregory, I am Disappointed. Plain and Simple 3
    I really hope Randy gets past this and becomes the player he can become

    The trickle-down effect will be something to watch. The Cowboys should now enter with a major need at defensive end. becomes even more intriguing to me.

    You hope they enter the draft with less of a need than the one they have today. You would hate to see them feel like they have to take at fourth overall if they have a different player ranked higher.

    This is something that is just really disappointing. I believed in the Randy Gregory story. I became emotionally attached to the story of a guy making a childish mistake and being determined to right his wrong. I became attached to seeing a team reach out to a player like the Cowboys did with Gregory and the player repaying them by not only staying clean but becoming a dominant player.

    While the career of Randy Gregory is far from over, you hope this was the second wake up call that he needed. If not, the Cowboys must look to improve this position long-term.

    Regardless…good thing for .

    Cowboys Blog - Randy Gregory, I am Disappointed. Plain and Simple 1
    This is Demarcus Lawrence's . Plain and simple.
    Nick Cocchiaro
    Nick Cocchiaro
    I've been blogging about sports and music for almost eight years now. I also work in media relations for a New York sports team, so I understand the bridge between the outlets writing about a team and the team monitoring content. I hope to bring something new to Inside The Star, getting deep into draft work, breakdowns and I always come with a strong and passionate opinion. I'm very active on Twitter, so ask questions, comment on stuff, etc. and I will almost definitely respond to you in some sort of debate!


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    Inexcusable after the club put faith in him. He needs to cut today! He basically gave the middle finger to the team. I had high hopes for him.

    Randy Martin

    Nick thanks for putting so eloquently how most of us Cowboy fans are feeling. This is much more than just a 4 game suspension. It has huge ripple effects.

    RJ Ochoa

    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, Nick. This was great.

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