Rangers make headlines and not of the stupid variety

Well, well, well it’s about damn time! Finally the Texas Rangers have done something to make headline news without mortgaging the team! Word came down today that (My all time Favorite pitcher) Nolan Ryan has been offered and accepted the Team President position. This move will go down as Mr. Hicks greatest move since purchasing the team, real earth shattering statement I made! Well it was a toss-up between this hiring and the signing of Jason Jennings (being highly sarcastic), but seriously this hopefully is a sign of the Rangers putting baseball people in place to turn this losing thing around.

I believe that with Nolan running not only the business day-to-day, but also being involved with personnel decisions that they can really follow through with the youth movement. Nolan could possibly be the one person that Hicks respects enough, and trust’s enough to turn the controls over to!

Good Job Tom now all you need to do is leave the check book on the table, and get your ass out of his way!!!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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