Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys History ⋆
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Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys History

Troy Aikman, Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys

Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys History

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Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys History

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With Tony Romo‘s retirement and release from the Dallas Cowboys this week, it seems a good time to look at where he stands among the all-time quarterbacks in franchise history. Based on a variety of factors, I’ve put together my Top-10 list for the greatest passers to ever wear The Star.

Of course, lists like these are always subjective and based on one individual’s values and priorities. After reading, I hope that you will comment with your reaction and your own lists.

(All of the statistics used in this article came from Pro Football Reference.)

10. Jason Garrett (1993-1999)

Jason Garrett, Packers

Jason Garrett

It would be easy to dismiss Garrett, a career backup, as an all-time great. However, a closer look at Jason’s numbers with the Cowboys make him stand out.

During his seven years as a backup, Jason Garrett went 6-3 in games that he started in relief of Troy Aikman. That .667 winning percentage puts him near the top of all Cowboys starters. His passer rating of 83.2 is slightly above Aikman (81.6) and just below Roger Staubach (8.4).

Elevating Garrett over the rest of the pack is a single day (pictured above) that stands out in Cowboys history. As a third stringer in 1994, Garrett had to start in the Thanksgiving game against Green Bay due to injuries to both Aikman and Rodney Peete. Jason threw for 311 yards and two touchdowns as the Cowboys stunned Brett Favre and the Packers for a 42-31 victory.

Jason Garrett was the consummate backup. He only threw five interceptions in 294 attempts, which gives him the lowest INT ratio of anyone on our list but Dak Prescott. The Cowboys’ dynasty train was able to keep rolling whenever Garrett was called upon.

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Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

  • Russ_Te

    And Staubach’s comeback wins are legendary – only a Google search away. He could strap the team on his back and will a win, whereas Aikman was IMO the ultimate system QB.

    Aikman had to have talent around him – in 1996 with Irvin suspended and Emmitt Smith hurt, that became clear. But with it, he was a machine.

    The classic 1974 Thanksgiving comeback of rookie QB Clint Longley, as told by the immortal John Facenda



    • Jess Haynie

      While I get where you’re coming from, I think Aikman was essentially the offensive coordinator in 1995 and his leadership was essential in keeping guys in check during the dynasty. So much of what makes a great QB goes in in the huddle, locker room, and practice field and anyone from that era will tell how important Aikman’s presence was.

      • Russ_Te

        No doubt Aikman was a general on the team, and it was a factor. He meshed well with Jimmy Johnson’s hard-ass approach, and was at odds with Switzer’s more relaxed coaching.

        I’ve often said the similarity between Johnson and Landry was an intolerance for mediocrity, and that was Aikman also. I hope that Dak will go in that direction also as he completely assumes the mantle now. The difference between W and L, even titles, can be 1 play & who wants to make it most.

  • wconsult

    This is a great list and very accurate. I hope that Dak will be able to overtake Romo at some point in his career. Overtaking the top two will mean he had a INCREDIBLE career with the “BOYS”

    • Jess Haynie

      Thanks! Here’s a fun question; if/when Dak wins his first Super Bowl, does he automatically jump to #3 on the list?

      • John Williams

        I don’t think so. While playoff success is important, it’s also a team statistic. I’d need to see Dak have several years of playing success along with that championship.

  • John Williams

    Can’t find anything to argue with on this list.

    Dak has more to prove in order to climb higher. While Tony Romo’s numbers are all-time leading, that playoff success has to be considered, especially in context of Cowboys history. Hard to put a guy higher than 3 when he didn’t play in an NFC Championship game.

    The Danny White-Tony Romo comparison is just too accurate.

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