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Could RB Jamaal Charles Become An Option For The Cowboys?

Brian Martin



Could RB Jamaal Charles Become An Option For The Cowboys?

I'm personally a no position to speak for everyone who makes up Cowboys Nation, but I think the possible six-game suspension for Ezekiel Elliott is really concerning. It's that concern that has caused me to scour over the different rosters in the NFL to try and find a running back that could possibly be an upgrade over what is currently on the roster. One option that really intrigues me is Jamaal Charles if he becomes available.

Jamaal Charles is currently a member of the Denver Broncos, but there is certainly no guarantee he makes their final 53-man roster when all is said and done. The Broncos have quite a few RB options already and finding a spot for Charles might prove difficult.

C.J. Anderson looks to be sitting atop the depth chart and if I were to guess, second-year RB Devontae Booker is probably the favorite to win the backup job. I don't know if the Broncos would keep Jamaal Charles around as their third RB, especially when those players are usually asked to play special teams.

At this point, Jamaal Charles has yet to see much action in the preseason or practices while he recovers from yet another knee injury. But, the word-of-mouth is that he is fully healthy and ready to go. He could possibly make his Broncos debut this weekend when Denver takes on the San Francisco 49ers, but that would still seem to be up in the air at this point.

RB Jamaal CharlesNow, I don't want any of you to get the wrong idea that I don't like Darren McFadden or Alfred Morris, but they just don't have the kind of explosion in their repertoire that Zeke Elliott does. They are a huge downgrade in that department, but if Jamaal Charles is indeed healthy, he could provide that element to the offense in Elliott's absence.

Of course, the key words here are "if healthy". That's been Charles' downfall as a player throughout his NFL career. The only times he hasn't reached the 1,000 yard mark as a rusher in his nine-year career has been because of injuries.

I personally believe Jamaal Charles would be an upgrade and is the type of player who can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. I think he would be a great fit in the Cowboys zone blocking scheme, because all he needs is a slight seam and he's gone. He is also an excellent receiver out of the backfield and has accumulated 20 receiving touchdowns in his career.

This of course is all just speculation at this point because he is still a member of the Denver Broncos. But, if Denver doesn't believe that Charles is in their plans in 2017, he could become available through a trade or as a free agent. If that happens, I think the Cowboys should definitely take a look.

It's probably unlikely the Dallas Cowboys will look for outside help at the RB position, but I would never say never.

Do you think Jamaal Charles would make a good addition?

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

  • Corey

    I don’t think they are going to be without Zeke for 6 games from what I am reading. It sounds like Goodell and the NFL are going to look like pretty foolish when all is said and done. I bet this suspension gets reduced to 2 or 3 games if not dismissed entirely, which I don’t see that happening

    • Brian Martin

      I have a hard time seeing Elliott suspended for six games also. If this situation does have to be settled by the court, his suspension will be delayed until a ruling is made. But, it doesn’t do any harm upgrading the backup RB position. McFadden and Morris haven’t really looked very good so far in preseason.

  • Corey

    Your right they really haven’t really had the impact I thought they would. It would be great if Rod Smith continued running like he has. At 6’3 and something like 240 lbs. he would be a hammer on goal line and short yardage

    • Brian Martin

      I would love to see how Rod Smith performs with the first team. He seems to be a little bit more explosive and decisive with his running. I just really haven’t been impressed with McFadden or Morris. I know it’s preseason, but I would still like to see more from them.

  • Not your goat

    I think that is a really good idea. I could even see this as a move that would benefit the Cowboys after the Elliott suspension. He’s the perfect complimentary back to Zeke, especially since the remaining backfield for Dallas isn’t necessarily spearing the field with their speed. Charles is also exactly what the team needs if Zekes workload ever becomes a concern late in the season. Why not already have the solution on your team? Can you imagine what people would be saying about this offense if this move ever happened, especially after the first time they both hit 100 and Charles picks up a score through the air?

    • Brian Martin

      I couldn’t agree more. I think he would be the perfect complementary back to Zeke Elliott. He is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and could create mismatch problems in the receiving game. They can both be utilized at the same time on offense and give opposing defenses headaches. Of course, all this depends on his health and whether or not he is able to stick with the Broncos. But, if he becomes available via trade (as long as it’s not too expensive) or as a free agent, I would be on board making him a Cowboy.

      • Not your goat

        I would be willing to give a 4th rounder for him and for Dallas that usually means a starter but in my opinion if Switzer is what they say he is and LG gets locked down a player like Charles could be a final piece to this offense or even Super Bowl team.

        • Brian Martin

          A fourth rounder is too high for me. At most I would give a sixth. He’s not really needed and would really just be a luxury addition. If he’s on the trading block, then there’s already the possibility Denver releases him out right and the Cowboys could then sign him as a free agent.

  • Rt

    Throw Denard Robinson a contract if they want explosion……I’m sure the line is ALOT better than the Jags……

    • Brian Martin

      They worked out Robinson at the same time as Ronnie Hillman, but ultimately decided to sign Hillman instead. That kind indicates to me that they weren’t all that impressed with him.

  • Jay Hale

    The Boys have a stable, not worried a bit. Obviously McFadden, Morris, and Ronnie are a downgrade from Zeke but I wouldn’t say a HUGE downgrade.

    • Brian Martin

      I think it’s a pretty substantial downgrade personally. I think they could get by with their current backup options for a game or two, but would probably hurt the offense if they had to rely on them for six games with Elliott out. I’m a little concerned to be honest, but not overly so. There’s no harm in looking for upgrades.

  • ThePsychodad69

    Wow, what makes you think, if Zeke is innocent he’s going to take a deal. Being that he’s not been arrested, only accused of something the authorities dropped like a grenade. Now we hear she was “thinking” about blackmailing him, had a website set, but was only thinking about it.

    This is a minefield for the league, basically they can suspend a player for anything, your dog wears a sweater and socks, 2 game suspension, you wore white after labor day, 5 games and fashion counseling for 3 months.

    He needs to get the policeDA involved if she made this all up and filed a bogus complaint.

    • Brian Martin

      I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen with the Zeke Elliott appeal. Everything I’ve read looks as if she is more at fault than he is. She was looking for a payday and trying to do everything in her power to get him to pay. But, Elliott could possibly be still looking at some kind of suspension.

      • ThePsychodad69

        OK so if your a innocent man would you work for a company that labels you as a criminal without anything other than accusations. I say accusations because if the police had anything, even probable cause, he’d have been arrested, if she been credible at any stage the prosecutor would have had to take it on principle.

        I’ll take my dignity and good name, sir, see you in court.

        • Brian Martin

          That’s definitely a huge concern for Zeke Elliott if he is indeed innocent in all of this. He will forever be linked to domestic violence. And a lot of that will be because of the NFL and their so-called “investigation” that took them over a year to conclude.

  • Spoonydawg

    Thoughts on #7 moving into the number two slot.. he passes the eye test?

    • Brian Martin

      I would give him an opportunity to go in before Kellen Moore these next two preseason games. I think Cooper Rush has clearly outplayed Kellen Moore so far, but I want to see him going against better talent instead of scrubs that likely won’t make an NFL roster. Personally, I would be okay with the Cowboys going with Rush as their QB2 this season. If anything happens to Prescott and he’s out for any length of time, the Cowboys are in trouble anyway.

      • Spoonydawg

        Yes,,, that would be the case with any team…once the shadow is gifted.. maybe Kapp will raise an interest as a back up… the tide seems to be changing, and he has some talents well… ur thoughts?

        • Spoonydawg

          Yes,,, that would be the case with any team…once the shadow is lifted.. maybe Kapp will raise an interest as a back up… the tide seems to be changing, and he has some talents well… ur thoughts?

        • Brian Martin

          I think they would go with Rush as their backup QB before they signed Kapp. I like Kapp, but the media circus he would bring to the Cowboys would be a huge distraction. So, I don’t see it happening.

          • Spoonydawg

            But at the same time, if the pendulum swings in the favor of Kapp for standing up, or sitting down for something to bring a light to.. ..Key word “RACIAL “..issue, then the media could be in favor.. and Jerry loves the media… it will put butts in the seats…Bottom line… “Get It”??

          • Brian Martin

            I think the only way the Cowboys bring in Kapp is if Prescott is hurt early in the season and they need a long-term solution. I don’t see them bringing him in as a backup. I think they’re comfortable with what they have.

      • Spoonydawg

        site won’t let me add a profile pic ???

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Cowboys en Español: 3 Escenarios Para el Futuro de David Irving

Mauricio Rodriguez



- David Irving, #95

En la NFL, la falta de noticias en Junio generalmente significa buenas noticias. Los aficionados de los Dallas Cowboys saben esto mejor que nadie y en caso de que lo hayan olvidado, David Irving se aseguró de recordarle a Cowboys Nation el porque de esta frase.

La semana pasada, se anunció que David Irving recibirá una suspensión de cuatro partidos por haber violado la política de abuso de substancias de la liga. Es la segunda suspensión que Irving recibe en años consecutivos y lógicamente, esto es preocupante para el equipo de los Dallas Cowboys.

Las últimas dos temporadas hemos visto a Irving convertirse en una pieza de suma importancia para la defensiva. El año pasado, Irving consiguió siete sacks (capturas) en sólo ocho juegos y se convirtió en un caza cabezas muy efectivo.

Demostrando ser uno de los jugadores más talentosos de su posición en la NFL, es difícil imaginar el futuro del #95 en la liga. Tras recibir un tender de segunda ronda hace unos meses (explico que es eso aquí), el futuro de Irving es muy incierto. Por eso, esta semana en Cowboys en Español, exploraremos tres escenarios posibles para el defensivo de 24 años.

#1 David Irving se va de Dallas prematuramente

Hace unos días, me dediqué a defender mi posición de que los Cowboys estarían cometiendo un error al cortar a David Irving. A pesar de que realmente despedirse de un defensivo como Irving parece muy poco probable, es un escenario que debemos discutir.

Irving ha sido un dolor de cabeza para el equipo en más de una ocasión. Dos suspensiones en años consecutivos no es una buena imagen para un jugador que busca un contrato jugoso al terminar el año.

Si Jason Garrett y la administración quieren "dar un mensaje" cortando a David Irving, ¿qué tanto serviría? Esta idea de enviar un mensaje, a la hora de pensarlo fríamente, parece una idea romántica de parte de nosotros los fans. Al final de cuentas, estamos hablando de un locker room lleno de jugadores adultos y profesionales, no de un grupo de niños.

Además, bien sabemos todos que Irving no es el único Cowboy que ha tenido problemas. ¿Será el hecho de que ha ocurrido dos años seguidos razón suficiente para dejarlo ir? Personalmente, no lo creo. Los Cowboys dejarían ir a un jugador muy bueno en una posición de necesidad.

Datone Jones, Jihad Ward y Maliek Collins podrán ser suficiente. Pero David Irving es especial en el campo. Mejor tenerlo por 12 juegos a tenerlo cero.

#2 Irving se queda para el 2018, pero no más allá

David Irving recibió un contrato de un año que le pagaba (antes de ser suspendido) 2.91 millones de dólares. Si hubiera demostrado que no era problemático y que podía mantenerse al 100% toda la temporada, probablemente hubiera recibido un gran contrato de los Cowboys o de otro equipo en la NFL.

Sin embargo, el dicho lo dice todo. "En la NFL, la disponibilidad es la mejor habilidad." Irving no se ha terminado de ganar la confianza necesaria para una gran extensión.

En este punto, Dallas puede esperar a que su tackle defensivo regrese de su suspensión, juegue doce juegos con ellos y les consiga un sack por juego por menos de tres millones de dólares. Después de eso, el equipo pude darse el lujo de dejarlo ir sin una extensión y verlo convertirse en un agente libre.

Does DT David Irving Have a Future With Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys DT David Irving (Albert Pena / CSM)

#3 Irving se queda por más de un año

En este caso, hay dos "sub-escenarios." Suponiendo que, efectivamente, Irving regresa y juega como sabemos que puede hacerlo, no será tan fácil dejarlo ir. Si llega a sorprender y demuestra que realmente es quien creemos que es y consigue diez capturas en sólo doce juegos, ¿realmente no le dará el equipo una oportunidad?

La primera opción sería asignarle la etiqueta franquicia y obligarlo a jugar un año más para un equipo que busca desesperadamente un Super Bowl.

Si se sienten cómodos dándole el salario de una etiqueta franquicia para evitar perderlo, ¿podríamos culparlos después de que les dio por ejemplo, diez capturas? Yo, personalmente, no podría hacerlo.

La otra opción, y una que podría ser la más realista, es más simple. La inmadurez y los problemas de Irving le costarán la confianza y el interés de otros equipos y es posible que en un punto, Dallas sea el único equipo que le pueda brindar seguridad de trabajo.

De esta manera, Dallas podría ofrecerle una extensión de dos, tres o más años a un precio mucho más barato que el de cualquier DT que consiga dos dígitos de sacks.


David Irving sin duda tiene un futuro incierto delante de él. Realmente sería una sorpresa verlo fuera de Dallas en el 2018, pero más allá, quien sabe lo que pueda pasar. Por ahora, esperemos que una vez que vuelva de la suspensión, esté en forma para ir detrás de los quarterbacks oponentes.

Con un poco de suerte, quizá nos olvidaremos de esto en Noviembre.

Tell me what you think about "Cowboys en Español: 3 Escenarios Para el Futuro de David Irving" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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Is Kris Richard Actually Jason Garrett’s Replacement, Not Rod Marinelli’s?

Brian Martin



Is Kris Richard Jason Garrett's Replacement, Not Rod Marinelli's?

Much has already been made about the Dallas Cowboys hiring of Kris Richard. He was brought in to be this year's defensive backs coach and passing game coordinator, but it's a title I don't think he will hold for long.

It has already been speculated that Kris Richard will become Rod Marinelli's successor to become the Dallas Cowboys next defensive coordinator. Marinelli in fact contemplated retirement after the completion of the 2017 season, but decided to give it another go in 2018. But, anything beyond that is unknown at this point.

It isn't that hard to believe that Kris Richard will be the Dallas Cowboys next defensive coordinator. He already has a pretty good track record as a DC from his time with the Seattle Seahawks (2015-2017). During that time, the Seahawks had one of the better defenses in the league, which is why a lot of Cowboys fans are excited about what he can do in Dallas.

This was a terrific hire by the Dallas Cowboys. Richard is one of the top up-and-coming coaches in the league today and is highly respected around the league. For him to take a step back from defensive coordinator to become the DB coach/passing game coordinator in Dallas is a little confusing.

Why would he take a step back in his coaching career to come to the Dallas Cowboys?

Kris Richard

Dallas Cowboys DB Coach/Passing Game Coordinator Kris Richard

Before he agreed to come to Dallas, Richard interviewed for the head-coaching job with the Indianapolis Colts. To already be considered a head-coaching candidate tells you all you need to know about the trajectory of Richard's career. Again, why take a step back with the Cowboys?

We all know that Jerry Jones is a fantastic salesman. He must've been able to convince Richard that he has a chance at a big promotion sometime soon. But, would a promotion to defensive coordinator be enough for Richard? Does he have his eyes set on something bigger?

I know that I'm not alone, but Jason Garrett is on thin ice this season. If he doesn't at least get the Dallas Cowboys into the playoffs this year, he could be looking for a new job, which would create a vacancy at head coach. This could be the kind of opportunity Kris Richard is looking for.

I find it a little hard to believe that Kris Richard would be willingly to come coach in Dallas knowing that the entire coaching staff could be dismissed after the season if Jason Garrett isn't successful. That's not typically the kind of job security you look for, so something has to have been promised to him behind closed doors.

I know it's a lot of speculation right now, but I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility. Someone is going to have to replace Jason Garrett if he falters this season and Kris Richard is a logical choice. After all, it's kind of the way Garrett became the head coach of the Cowboys when he replaced Wade Phillips. Could history repeat itself?

Do you think Kris Richard is Jason Garrett's eventual replacement?

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NFC East Position Rankings: The Quarterbacks

Kevin Brady



5 Points: Thoughts on the 2018 Dallas Cowboys Schedule 1
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The long NFL offseason is finally beginning to come to a close, with teams participating in mandatory mini-camps and training camps just a month away. Still, though, there is a lot of time left before the 2018 NFL season really begins.

With that time it's always fun to rank things and put together lists. I mean, who doesn't love a good article ranking players? Over the next few weeks I'll be ranking position groups in the NFC East to see which team comes out on top.

Today we begin with the NFC East quarterbacks, arguably the most scrutinized position group in all of sports.

4. New York Giants QB Eli Manning

Though he is the most accomplished quarterback in this division, Giants QB Eli Manning comes in last in our current rankings. Manning has seen his play decline throughout the years, even being benched in favor of Geno Smith late in 2017.

With a healthy cast of pass catchers and rookie running back Saquon Barkley surrounding him, however, Manning could be poised for improvement in 2018.

The Giants offense might be the best in the league if each game was a 7 on 7 tournament, so it will be interesting to see how Eli Manning performs this season.

3. Washington Redskins QB Alex Smith

The newest starting quarterback in the NFC East is Washington's Alex Smith, and he comes in third in our rankings. Smith has gotten the reputation as a check-down artist throughout his career thus far, but when surrounded by the right talent he can be very effective.

Smith had arguably his best season to date in 2017 with the Kansas City Chiefs, but I just don't see Washington's offense being nearly as dangerous as those Chiefs were a year ago.

To me, Smith is at best a marginal upgrade over former starter Kirk Cousins, and won't bring too much of a difference over the long haul in Washington.

2. Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Second on our list is Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. The now third year quarterback is coming off a bit of a "sophomore slump" to end his 2017 campaign, though his first season and a half warrant him our number two spot.

I expect Prescott to look like himself in 2018, especially with the improvements the Cowboys made to their offensive line. Ezekiel Elliott should be available for all 16 games, and the turnover in the receiver group gives some cause for optimism as well.

Prescott is the former Rookie of the Year and has had a good start to his career thus far, but sorry, Cowboys fans, we can all admit Dak Prescott doesn't deserve the top spot as of now.

1. Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz

The top quarterback in the NFC East right now is Eagles QB Carson Wentz. Wentz was a legitimate MVP candidate in 2017 prior to his injury, and once returning to full health Wentz should be able to impress once again.

The Eagles offense was downright dominant while Wentz was healthy, and though they did win the Super Bowl without him, Wentz brings their productivity to another level.

And with arguably the best supporting cast of the entire division, Carson Wentz is poised for success going forward.

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