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Reactions from The Cowboys Drafting Ole Miss DE Sam Williams With The 56th Pick

After addressing the with the 24th Pick in this year's , the shifted to the other side of the ball and selected with the 56th Pick.

Williams, who was a popular prospect targeted in most mocks for the Cowboys, will come in and work on filling the void of DE , who they failed to re-sign this .

Once the pick was announced, fans and analysts were upset the franchise didn't go after prospects such as UConn Defensive , Oklahoma Nik Bonitto, and Georgia , who were arguably rated higher than Williams and surprisingly fell.

Nonetheless, Williams gives the Cowboys a uber-athletic and there could be a chance he sees early playing time. With all of that in mind, here are some reactions we saw from people on the Cowboys selection of Williams:

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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This draft is a disaster. Took a project lineman in the first, a guy with sexual abuse issues in his past in the second and a nobody wr in the third who they probably could have had as a free agent signing. Absolute morons running this draft.

Cowboys fan

Apparently you don’t pay attention to the actual players, you just listen to the hear say or something!! The linemen in the 1st round is more than likely gonna be the day 1 starter at LG, the edge rusher in round 2 is a 1st round talent and dropped because of his past…. But that is just it…. It’s his past!! Let it go!! And in round 3….a nobody?? Really?? You are straight up clueless if you think he’s a nobody!! I would’ve taken him in the 2nd round, and I’m surprised he didn’t go before us in the 2nd round!! Jalen Tolbert at worst is gonna be another Micheal Gallup, if you think he’s a nobody then you need to find another sport!! And I have to say, you mite wanna go do some research on more than just a few players before you come on here making stupid comments….. It really makes you look clueless!!


See you in three years and we will see who is stupid. This draft is a bust and could have been great if anyone had any balls to trade up.


Gotta agree with Cowboysfan here. I get it , I’ve been a true non band wagon cowboys fan since ‘71. Unwavering. And besides the time when the master, Jimmy Johnson was in power, the Jerry Jones era has been a debacle. This guy is an embarrassment to the sport. The issues are front office management and horrible coaching, I assure you that Bill Belichick would have gotten substantially more out of the talent this team has had over the years; and by the way without ever way overpaying existing players that don’t deserve the money , such as Zeke and Dak. Todd , you are blaming the wrong people, The Draft has not been the issue for years and it was not an issue this year. Round 1 pick is a day 1 starter. Round 2 is being over scrutinized by the so called “experts” online and yet he is a beast getting to the QB and in this NFL era the most important thing on the field today is pass protection and pass rush. Round 3 is an all out beast at WR, just a little too much like Gallups’ game but he will learn to do more and all the late round defensive picks can either A) play at a very high level in this league for a long time or B) be important contributors for DQ. They signed some serious talent as UDFAs. Todd; you are reacting to talking heads on sports analysis shows or internet blogs, but you really do need to do your homework.

Cowboys fan

I’m sure I’ll be proven right way before 3 years!! So I’ll see when that time comes!!

Don D Fooshee

Hello, hello, anybody at home? Hello! Just like I thought nobody homeys! The lost draft!

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