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What Are Reasonable Sack Expectations For Defensive End Taco Charlton?

We are still a few months from the beginning of the , but the expectations for this year's Cowboys really couldn't be any higher.

While I have a few reasons I believe we should probably pump the brakes just a tad, that hype train has certainly already left the station.

Ironically, the one player which doesn't have very high expectations coming into the season is their pick . Not really adored by the Cowboys fan base prior to the draft, Charlton comes into his rookie season rather quietly.

Even if he was the first round pick for .

A few days ago, fellow Cowboys blogger Marcus Mosher posed this question on Twitter:

It's certainly an interesting thought. Typically, rookie pass rushers don't come away with high sack totals in their first season, unless they are type. When you consider that Taco Charlton is not only a rookie pass rusher, but a rookie pass rusher taken in the back-end of the first round, it's hard to expect too much in terms of sacks.

Still, I think 4.5 is a good baseline to work from for Charlton. If he were to finish his rookie season with 4 sacks, I think that would be a relatively successful first year in the league. It would leave him some room to grow as a player for sure, but it would be a nice start.

Most seemed to be replying to Marcus with “way over,” but I just don't know if that is reasonable. Personally, I think 4-5 sacks for Taco Charlton sounds about right in year one.

Hopefully, for the sake of the , he can prove me wrong.

What are your expectations for Taco Charlton? How many sacks would you consider a successful season? Comment below!

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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