Receivers Attempting A Hostile Takeover

Just three days before the biggest game of the year for the Cowboys and all hell is breaking loose. Ed Werder of ESPN broke the story yesterday that the receiving corps (Led by T.O.) of the Dallas Cowboys are not happy with their lack of being involved in the offense. Terrell Owens, Roy Williams (the good one), and Patrick Crayton apparently sought out a meeting with O.C. Jason Garrett to discuss their issues, and apparently intentionally left out Tony Romo and Jason Witten from the meeting. Follow me after the break as I try to break down this situation and determine what is actually happening…

Now ESPN and every other national media type will turn this situation into a full blown circus! I have tried to always look at situations from both perspectives, so this one is no different. First of all Terrell Owens has always had a knack for being a fire starter so I am sure he has had a lot to do with this situation, but I am not so sure that he and his comrades are not onto something here. No I do not believe that Tony Romo and Jason Witten are holding secret meetings in order to decide how many times Terrell will or will not get the ball. Nor do I believe that Tony is not looking Terrell’s way simply because Witten is his BFF! I spoke about this in an earlier post after the Steelers game, in that post I spoke about how I thought Romo was deciding where he was going with the ball before the ball is snapped. If this is the case then I can understand the frustration of this receiving corps! With that said the way this situation has been handled by these guys has been awful no doubt. This matter should have been taken care of internally, there was no reason for any of these guys to be airing their differences in the press, especially at this point of the season!

So where do we go from here? Well the coaching staff has its work cut out, they must establish a common ground between Tony, T.O. and the rest of the gang. We are about to find out what kind of leaders this team has. Right now is the time for guys like Zach Thomas, Bradie James,Flozell Adams and company to step up and get this teams focus away from personal issues and on the task at hand. The Cowboys cannot depend on help from other teams to get them in the playoffs. At the present moment they control their own destiny, only a win this weekend will keep that going.

This issue could be solved quickly if two things happen. First Tony goes back and looks at some of last years film and sees how the offense should run. Two T.O. shuts his mouth and makes the best of what opportunities he gets (i.e.Run out your routes,and catch the balls thrown to you). Only time will tell if they can get this all fixed, we can only hope that time comes quickly.

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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