Removing Your STAR?

After all the talk of the opportunity of playing in the Big Bowl, yep the Super Bowl at home…  Here we are.   0-2 and frustrated and confused and just plain mad after watching the Win , not the A**es of Washington handed out last Sunday.   A Chicago game that left me wondering if I was watching a Season Game and not Pre-Season, and to add insult to injury we all have to deal with the “Cowgirl’ humor that has grown just flat old.  Even a co-worker, during halftime, removed his STAR! from the back of his Pathfinder.  I tell you what…

Now we face our new ‘rivals’, the Houston Texans and from everything I’ve read us Cowboys fans are told we don’t have a game to watch.  It’s already a Texans win and chalk it up to Houston’s #1 ranked Offense in 3 categories…   Total Offense, rushing Offense, scoring Offense… oh  6th in passing Offense.   One fact left out though is WHO they racked these stats against.  Colts and Washington.  Neither have proven themselves as possessing that shut down defense.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of numbers this Texans offense racks up against Dallas D.   As for Cowboys offense…  Touchdowns Touchdowns Touchdowns or else…  well, only time will tell.

As for Rudy who removed his star…  He’ll be buying a replacement during halftime.  Fairweathered fans…  Go FIGURE

I’m sorry I had to be short with the script and not add too much but I just wanted to point out to fair weathered fans that regardless of management or coaches, it’s the players we follow and respect, with the exception of Jimmie Johnson.  That being said,  My name is Rodney McDonald and I AM a Cowboys FAN surrounded by COWBOYS FANS!!!

What do you think?


Written by RodneyMc


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