You want to see something adorable?

Dallas Bryant is pretty cute, isn't he? You know what's even more cute than that? The think they have a chance at beating the this Sunday. You're precious, New York.

The song and dance of Cowboys versus Giants has been played 107 total times since the first began all the way back in 1960 (which is when had that catch, right? It sure feels like they've been talking about it since then).

Here are some cold hard facts about one of the NFL's most historic rivalries:

  • The Dallas Cowboys lead the all-time series over the New York Giants, 62-43-2. That's 19 more wins than the G-Men. That means we would have to lose this game and then every game against the Giants for the next nine years just for them to bring this thing up to .500. I told you they were cute.
  • The Cowboys are 34-20-1 at home and 28-23-1 on the road in New York.
  • There have been 55 games, 51% mind you, decided by double-digits. Isn't that insane? More than half the time when the Cowboys and Giants have squared off it hasn't been close. In fact 39 games have been decided by two-or-more touchdowns, and 19 games have been decided by THREE-or-more touchdowns.
  • On the flip side of things 39 games, 36%, have been decided by less than a touchdown!
  • There have been two ties (Don't tell , we wouldn't want to confuse him) in this series … coming on December 4th, 1960 and October 11th, 1964.
  • The biggest Cowboys margin of victory is 45 points, while that of the Giants is 31.
  • The Cowboys have shut out the Giants twice, being shut out only once.
  • There has been one playoff game between these two teams… a 2007 Game which the Giants won on their way to winning XLII.
  • There have been FIVE overtime games between these two. Dallas is 3-2 in such games.
  • This series is all about prime time. There have been 11 games, three Saturday games, 10 Sunday Night Games, and there has even been a game played on both a Friday and a Wednesday!
  • These two teams have opened their seasons against each other eight times (all victories by Dallas), most recently in Week 1 this season when mounted an epic comeback against New York, and there have been 12 season finales played.
  • With a win in New York the Cowboys would extend a streak that they're on. Dallas has currently won seven straight road games within the division. That is the tied for the most by any team in division history since 1970.
  • alone has 127 career receptions for 1,324 yards and 13 touchdowns (in 25 career games) against the G-Men. I bet they haven't forgotten his last catch against them.

I'm really looking forward to reviewing this rivalry in 2016 when we have another season sweep of the Giants under our belt. Sunday is only two days away!

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