The #RJOShow hit the double digit marks on episode count this week!

The best All-NFL in the game, at least that's what my parents say, is moving along and has a brand new episode for your enjoyment!

There is a ton of NFL News to talk about this week and we've got you covered. As always we get the show started with the league's hottest topics, but later in the show I'm joined by my good friend Jimmy Jal Sethna to dissect the Rams and Titans big from a week ago… and amazingly some men's room etiquette.

After all the trade-a-palooza nonsense Jimmy and I take the All-Division Series that we've had going on to a new level by building our All- Team. No spoilers from me, but the group of pass catchers that we select might shock you.

The Star News - #RJOShow Ep.10: Trade Frenzy, NFL Updates, And All-NFC Team

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We'll be having a special bonus episode of the #RJOShow drop on Thursday to go a little bit more in depth on the big time trades that have happened because, as it has always been, the NFL is a crazy league and things are happening too fast for us to keep up!

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