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While most hotels in America are superstitious and avoid having a 13th floor, the #RJOShow fears not and dropped its 13th episode this week!

On the #RJOShow we introduced a new game/segment called QB Libre. If you're unaware a “cuba libre” is a rum and coke cocktail. Similar to that, a QB Libre is a and NFL Team cocktail.

The Star News - #RJOShow Ep. 13: Introducing QB Libre With Laurie Horesh

Fox Sports Australia's Laurie Horesh joined me as we picked the most average starting Quarterback in the NFL to use as the “rum” in a QB Libre with all 32 teams to see whether or not they'd be playoff contenders.

It was a fun discussion and a great time with one of football's brightest minds. I had a similar one with Inside The Pylon's Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda when they graciously asked me to be on their Quick Kicks Podcast this week. There's a ton of Cowboys information in there that you'll enjoy, and part two drops later on Thursday!

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