The sports world is one that is constantly spinning.

These days it's landed on one of its biggest events of the year – The Finals.

This week's episode of the #RJOShow was inspired by that, but as usual we put our own unique twist on it. We debuted a new game titled “Nothing But Net.”

The point of the game is fairly simple. You're asked a question and if you get it right it's like making a perfect swish on a basketball shot, if you get it wrong it's an airball where you kiss nothing but the net. Simple? Simple!

A game like this called for someone bold, fun, and with an against-the-grain type of disposition. In such a case, we called on Inside The Star Contributor Nick Cocchiaro.

The Star News - #RJOShow Ep.16: Nothing But Net With Nick Cocchiaro

After RJ updates you on the latest happenings around the National Football League he and Nick dive head first into Nothing But Net while trying to prove that, of all people, is criminally undervalued as a in the NFL.

It's a spicy episode that you absolutely don't want to miss!

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