RJOShow Ep. 4: Peyton’s Rank, Super Bowl History, & All-NFC East Team

The RJ Ochoa Show is back with a force this week!

The NFL is a year round business and so is the #RJOShow. If you’re looking for some high-quality NFL action in podcast form then this is the show for you!

This week I, RJ in case you were wondering, had plenty to address. One of the greatest quarterbacks in the of professional football, , announced his from the NFL. The host of Cowboys Cast, Bobby Belt, and I discuss Peyton’s rank all-time and rank our Top 5 Quarterbacks.

The Star News - RJOShow Ep. 4: Peyton's Rank, Super Bowl History, & All-NFC East Team

Later in the show Bobby and I go down memory lane as we recount the greatest Super Bowls ever. After that we continue a tradition that we’ve started on the show by building an all-division team. This week the East was up for discussion.

As it is a particularly wild week in the NFL with all the news, which we’ve got covered for you here at Inside The Star, we made some adjustments just for you! There’s a bonus episode of the #RJOShow that dropped on Thursday where I recount all of the free agency signings within the AFC, and the NFC Edition will be available at 6pm CT on Friday.

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