Rolando McClain and Randy Gregory: A Tale of Two Lockers

    Imagine if showed up in Dallas today.

    First, he'd probably show up over at Valley Ranch. Security would have to inform him that the team had moved to the new facility, . Rolando would ask for directions and head 30 miles north to Frisco.

    If he didn't get distracted along the way, Rolando would arrive to find out that the team had already departed for Seattle for tonight's game. Bemused and dejected, he would ask if he could at least check out the new facility. Someone would take pity on him and let him into The Star.

    Cowboys Headlines - Rolando McClain and Randy Gregory: A Tale of Two LockersRolando McClain would be in awe of the gorgeous new facility. He'd be so excited about being able to work here next week, then take a 10-week break, then come back in November.

    Rolando would get to the locker room. Naturally, he'd start looking for his name and number. He'd look… and look… and look.

    Eventually, Rolando would ask whoever was attending him what was up. Where was his locker? Had there been a clerical error?

    Somewhere in that room is a locker for number 94, . Both Gregory and Rolando McClain did not to the Cowboys . Neither is currently counted on the team's roster.

    One guy has a locker at The Star. The other doesn't.

    Some want to paint McClain and Gregory with the same broad stroke. They're both “knuckleheads” or “druggies.” They're both hurting the image of the and should be released.

    Clearly, the Cowboys don't see it that way. Neither do I.

    Rolando McClain is 27-years-old. This is his third team since entering the league in 2010. He's been out of the NFL and come back more than once, even having retired at one point and missing all of 2013. He is facing 10-game this year for using a “purple drank” and was reportedly severely out of shape when he showed up for the team's summer practices.

    Cowboys Blog - Randy Gregory, I am Disappointed. Plain and Simple 2Randy Gregory is still just 23-years-old and was a rookie last year. By all accounts, Gregory is a hard worker and was only held back last year by . He faces his own suspension this year, still officially just four games, for repeated offenses with .

    Both guys clearly have their issues and personal demons. However, there's a very important line that has to be drawn.

    Gregory has a drug problem. McClain has an attitude problem.

    McClain's two years in Dallas have been a testament to his incredible talent and yet a reminder of how much of it is wasted. He's never been “all in” with the Cowboys. He doesn't fight to play through minor injuries. One can only assume that his conditioning and preparation for games isn't what it could be.

    And yet, when on the field, Rolando McClain can still be an impact player. His natural gifts are that strong.

    Dallas clearly sees that they can't help McClain change who he is and how he views his football career. Rolando doesn't care about his teammates. He doesn't care enough to be here through camp and and help guys like and be ready to play in his absence.

    Cowboys Blog - Time To Check Rolando McClain's Family JewelsRolando is a self-centered mercenary. He has been for two years. And now the Cowboys are done paying for his services.

    If you've lived long enough to know the difference between 23 and 27, you know why the Cowboys may feel differently about Randy Gregory. You probably understand why he still has a locker.

    Obviously, Gregory's story may not have a happy ending. He could wind up on that tall scrap heap of former NFL players who wasted their talent and fell out of the league, be it to their own selfish interests, personal problems, or a mix of the two.

    But right now, Gregory seems to be acknowledging his issues and is taking steps to work on them. That's all the Cowboys can ask for now, and it's enough to merit their continued support and the hope for a positive outcome.

    One guy's checked himself into rehab. The other's completely checked out.

    That's why Randy Gregory still has a locker and Rolando McClain doesn't. Seems perfectly logical to me.

    Jess Haynie
    Jess Haynie
    Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    Gregory was drafted and signed a four-year rookie contract; McClain was a free agent who signed a series of one-year contracts.

    The Cowboys have much more invested in Gregory than they do McClain — I’m not at all surprised the team is treating them differently.

    Jeff Cook

    That is great to know they didn’t give McClain a locker that makes me believe I am right in my thinking that the day McClain is reinstated we will give him his walking papers and a bus ticket back to Bama. I am also glad to know they did give Gregory a locker that makes me believe they haven’t given up on him yet I just hope he is able to complete his rehab and stay clean.


    The only thing consistent about McClain’s level of commitment to his craft and teammates over his career is his inconsistency. The Cowboy’s organization would be foolish to not recognize the trend at this point. I wish him well and hope he gets his life together but he doesn’t deserve to play in the league. Young Randy Gregory should take heed and understand that second chances are few and far between often times in life. I hope he utilizes the resources the league and the Dallas Cowboys have made available to him and commit to righting his ship. I hope he’s genuine in his desire to seek help. My question is whether or not the Jones leadership will ever understand the value of tough love and help to create an environment in the organization that fosters a sense of accountability with players versus this perceived culture of talent trumping all else which seems to give certain players this idea that they’ll get a pass to some degree when they make poor choices.