Rookie Camp Holds Plenty of Interest for Dallas Cowboys Fans

The Dallas will hold a camp for rookies beginning today and it’s an exciting event for those young players who will put on the pads for the first time as Cowboys. Of course it will be nice to hear all the reports about how each individual player looks in camp, but more importantly, it’s nice just to have some on-field activity back in the football world.

It won’t be earth shattering news to hear how the rookies perform but there will be things will be eagerly anticipating to hear about. For instance, how does pick Travis Frederick look? Well maybe not so much how he looks, but more like how does he move, is he strong and smart enough to pick up what the coaches are teaching him. There is plenty that goes into playing in the NFL but having a mind for the game is huge part of job at the position.

The other rookies we’re all interested in hearing about are the offensive skill players the Cowboys drafted; , Terrance Williams and Joseph Randle. All three players have the Dallas fan base really excited for the 2013 season and the hope is we’ll hear nothing but good news. The have been talking up this trio ever since the draft ended and hearing about how well they performed will only stoke the optimistic fires.

Of course we can’t forget about the rookies from smaller schools who are getting a taste of the big-time in the NFL. As exciting as it is to hear about the playmakers on , it may be even nicer to hear good things about B.W. Webb and holding their own this weekend. It would be a nice confidence builder, not for the players because neither lacks any, but for the fans who might be on the fence about the small school players.

Maybe that’s the most anyone can take out of light drills during workouts that don’t involve the entire team; build the confidence of the players and the fans for the upcoming season. These players have reached the pinnacle of their sport and the hard work is just beginning so any piece of knowledge they can gain in any workout is progress. After all, that is what these camps are about, getting inexperienced players up to speed on the NFL game.

That’s what fans can look forward to reading about, the progress of each player and the confidence they are gaining with each practice. The learning curve begins today; let’s hope it’s not too steep for the .

Well that, and good health.

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Written by Ben Grimaldi

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