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Roy Williams Wants Cowboys To Make Decision

The much maligned of the is beginning to bark that he wants to be released! The Dallas Cowboys on the other hand seem to be complacent and try to find a partner between now and the draft.

(dirty sooner) has been breaking the hearts of for several years now. The once skull cracking safety, turned non-tackling sissy, apparently believes that the Cowboys owe him the opportunity to seek another employer. While in most cases I would say that a team veteran deserves this opportunity, this time I must disagree. Roy is like the degenerate co-worker that we all know. You know the one! The one who at his yearly review each year he is told about the things that he is not making the grade on, yet he refuses to put in the work to repair them.

For years now the knock on Roy has been is inability to cover ANYONE ! Yet year in year out nothing changes! Roy Willy is the same player today as he was five years ago, minus one small thing. He can no longer anyone! So what does this tell us? Well I do not know what it tells the rest of you, but what it tells me is that he is here to collect a check and that's it! So if he is just here to collect his money, and not here to help the team win(if he wanted to help the team win, he would have worked on his coverage skills a long, long time ago!) then he no longer needs to be here, and he has no leverage in determining where or when he goes!

has let this complete waste of space stay here entirely too long! I personally would have sent his butt to Cincinnati or Detroit a long time ago for a bologna and cheese sandwich. However if Jerry can somehow squeeze a fourth round pick out of somebody for him, then by all means do it!

Roy can whine, cry, and set timetables for when HE wants things to be resolved, all he wants! The fact still remains, he is a Cowboy until Jerry says so! The really sad part about this whole thing, is that he could have been unbelievable! All it would have taken was a little extra effort on his part. In the end though there will be no parade in his honor for his exceptional work as a Dallas Cowboy. There will be a small “Good Riddance” parade in his honor, with at least one Cowboy fan in attendance!

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