Roy Willy (Williams)

The great and wonderful Roy Willy I am writing this post to you in great hopes that you may stumble across it and feel the desire to read this so you will fully understand how we feel about you!

First of all since you came into the league all you have ever been known for was your ability to lay the big hit, the hit that makes receivers scared to come across the middle, the hit that knocks people out, the hit that makes people jump out of their seat and wonder how the person you hit could actually still be alive! Your first few years I personally thought you were going to be great and only get better, and up until the last three years I believed that. Unfortunately the longer you play the more you prove to this blog that you are nothing more than a liability!

I have tried like many to cut you some slack. The time for slack cutting has come and gone as far as I am concerned! What was once an enjoyable experience for me, Watching the Dallas Cowboys play football has now become an experience of shear displeasure. It is so bad that every time I see you on the field I come dangerously close to uncontrollable vomiting! Words just cannot express how disgusting you are to watch. Do you watch film of yourself attempting to tackle someone? Do you watch film of yourself in pass coverage? Either you have never done either of these or you are the definition of insanity! How in the hell can you continue to do things so improperly and not believe like the rest of us that you should not be playing? I have heard nothing but excuses from you for the past three years on why the job is not getting done. Be a man for once and just say ” I suck ” or ” I don’t give a shit “, this would get you much further in the eyes of Cowboy faithful ! but stop freaking blaming everything and everyone but yourself.

This was supposed to be your year! A new defense where you would be playing closer to the line stuffing the run, blitzing getting you more involved in each play and using your strengths. The only problem is you have forgotten the first thing we all learned at the age of about 5 and that is how to properly tackle someone! When you give your mama a hug do you wrap your arms around her or do you just lean in with a shoulder? Odds are good you just lean in with a shoulder. Well this tactic does not work on mammas or tackling dummies!

Please do us all a favor Willy and request a trade to a team that thinks you can still play! wait a minute check that, request a trade to anyone that will take you. I can promise you this much as long as you remain on this team I will be blasting you in this blog ( oh by the way you changing your number is not going to make it so I can’t see you ! )

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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