When you're approximately a week away from the … any and every thought that is said out loud, mentioned to a friend, or floated out as a hypothetical is worth a discussion. The latest comes to us from the wonderful world of .


Jeff Skin Wade is a media personality that covers Dallas sports. He knows what he's talking about so this caught the attention of Cowboys Nation.

Cowboys Headlines - Rumor Mill: Dallas Cowboys Coaches Like Ezekiel Elliott

is the best in this draft. That's about as set in stone that gravity is 9.81 meters per second squared.

Assuming the Cowboys Coaches do like Zeke then they are going to be throwing it down like gravity when the toe meets the ball this fall. One doesn't really have to assume anything, though. Zeke is incredible and anybody would like him, but the Cowboys have certainly done their homework on the Buckeyes.

That tweet is obviously from March 25th. It was that day that the Cowboys Coaches flew to Columbus to work out the best that The Ohio State had to offer this Draft season.

The best of that bunch might very well be Ezekiel Elliott. A few weeks ago my fellow Staff Writer Brian Martin took the opportunity to beat the drum on a case for the Cowboys drafting Zeke.

Cowboys Headlines - Rumor Mill: Dallas Cowboys Coaches Like Ezekiel Elliott 1

Can the make any running back great? Sure. can answer that question for us, and for that matter so can . Imagine though, this elite Offensive Line paired with one of the best Running Backs to enter the Draft in quite some time. That's one spicy situation!

Perhaps that's just the spice that and his staff are interested in. While the might be craving something different on their palate to the tune of or , the prospect of Zeke in Dallas is enough to get us all excited.

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