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Rumors: Von Miller Showing Heavy Interest in The Cowboys

As the Dallas Cowboy's couldn't get any crazier, things took a turn Tuesday morning when the franchise announced they were re- , but then an hour later, Gregory backed out of the deal to sign with the instead.

According to reports, Gregory and his team walked away from the deal because they didn't like the language in his contract that allowed the franchise to void his deal if he were to get in trouble, but other reports show that the team was open to working with him on it.

Now with the franchise back to searching for another pass-rusher to pair with Defensive End DeMarcus Lawrence and , NFL Reporter Jane Slater reported that there is heavy interest from to be a Cowboy.

Miller, a Dallas-native, had already been linked to the franchise from multiple news sites as a potential free-agent target for the Cowboys since they felt Miller made sense to fix the team's pass-rushing problem, but with Gregory out of the picture, it's likely the team goes all-in on Miller.

According to Spotrac, Miller's market value is $10.5 million per year and going based on Gregory's initial reported contract that was worth five years at $70 million, his average salary would be cheaper than Gregory's.

Additionally, Slater said the Cowboys are doing their “due diligence” on Miller and that could be positive the team is making that known since such response was never yielded when the franchise was linked to pursuing Safeties and , or current Linebacker .

To further stir up the pot, former Cowboy posted a video on his that teaming up Miller with Lawrence and Parsons sounded like a good idea to him, and Miller commented eyes-emoji on his post.

Ware would respond to him, “Just saying, maybe I join to mentor the guys this year,” and some other recruiting was shown by Parsons, who reshared Ware's on his personal story and wrote six eye emojis.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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gary b

Mixed feelings on Miller. He obviously isn’t the player he once was. But likely he could give us comparable production to what Gregory would have given, minus the bad history and boneheaded mistakes. Wouldn’t be opposed to a 2 year deal, as long as the terms were reasonable.

He could just be feigning interest in the cowboys though, to help his negotiations with the Rams.


Von has always wanted to come to Dallas. Needs and money just never aligned when he was up for a new contract…until now.

At 32 and the mileage he’s got on him, I wouldn’t break the bank on him. But, $10M per for a situational pass rusher who still puts up 8-9 sacks a season? Tempting.

I’d still draft a pass rusher fairly early this year and let Von act as a bridge/mentor for a couple of years.


He signed with Buffalo. Jerruh and Stevie screwed up again.


Not anymore. Bills went stupid for him.



$51M guaranteed with an average of $17.5M per year for a 32 year-old-pass rusher?

No way!


This offseason has been a disaster. Has the Amari Cooper trade actually gone through yet? Waiting for that to blow up now and dump a huge cap hit back onto the ‘Boys. Unless they strike it rich in the draft somehow, I do not see how this team gets to .500 next year.

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