Running Back For America’s Team: Easiest Job In America?

Who among us thinks that they have the easiest job in America?

*everyone looks over their shoulder to make sure their boss isn’t around*

Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott is unafraid to answer this question. He did so yesterday after practice in front of his boss Jerry Jones, who was recently named a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2017, and a handful of reporters.

Before we get to his answer, it’s important that we establish exactly what Zeke’s job is. If we checked his Twitter profile (@EzekielElliott), we would find what we’re looking for.

Cowboys Headlines - Running Back For America's Team: Easiest Job In America?

“Running back for America’s Team.”

How freaking awesome is this, by the way? I mean… seriously. I love how much Zeke loves being a Dallas Cowboy. I know you love it, too. I love all this love happening everywhere. Love!

So we now know Zeke’s job. He’s the running back for the Dallas Cowboys. This is what he gets paid to do professionally, and when the 2016 season kicks off for realsies on September 11th at home against the New York Giants… he’s going to do it to a degree that is going to have us really loving him.

America’s Team is an important name (it’s also one that I’ve preached the importance and history of many times). Zeke takes great pride in being an employee for such a company, but he also does seem to think that it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Jon Machota on Twitter

Ezekiel Elliott: “I think I probably have one of the easiest jobs in America. I get to run behind the best O-line in America.

The Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line is unquestionably the team’s greatest strength. They’re also unquestionably the greatest at what they do on earth, not just in America sorry Zeke, and as a result I’ve given them a nickname that transcends the entire planet – The Space Cowboys.

Running behind the Space Cowboys is a luxury that most running backs of sound mind (sorry DeMarco Murray circa March 2015) would greatly want. Zeke knows that, and he is prepared to take serious advantage of it. The hype around this element of the Dallas Cowboys game is justified, and if you believe my fellow Staff Writer Sean Martin‘s projections for the new-age Triplets then you know 2016 is going to be special for Zeke.

If you’re reading this at work then I want you to stand up, find your boss, and show it to them. Tell them that you want a work environment as conducive to your success as Ezekiel Elliott has. Then take the rest of the day off. You deserve it. Huzzah.

Do you think Ezekiel Elliott has “one of the easiest jobs” in America? Is he destined for glory behind the Space Cowboys? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @RJOchoa!


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