SB50 Reactions: Your Turn, Tony Romo

The 2015 NFL season concluded on Sunday, with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos defeating the Carolina Panthers in a sloppy Super Bowl by the score of 24-10. This very well could have been Peyton Manning’s final game, as it likely should be, because what else does he have to prove?

In a game where he only completed five passes of 10 or more yards, and 13 in total, Manning found a way to persevere and avoid the big mistake to do his job and win a historic Super Bowl game.

In doing so, he cleared a final hurdle that many had set for him, in winning his second championship.

After this game, I couldn’t help but think of one thing. After seeing the adversity that Manning went through to likely end his career on top, I shifted my focus to Tony Romo. As Dallas Cowboys fans, we need no reminders of the value of our quarterback Tony Romo.

Even without a Super Bowl, for us, he should have nothing left to prove.

It should be universally well understood that Romo has given his all in every single snap he’s taken with a star on the side of his helmet, and now is also likely staring down the back end of his career – with durability concerns looming.

So, why can’t 2016 be Romo’s year? By this I mean, sadly, that “Romo’s year” may not mean the 3,705 yards and 34 touchdowns we saw in 2014. However, his 2016 season can draw some similarities to Peyton Manning’s 2015.

Romo will give it his all as we know, and rely on other guys to step up and make the plays available to them. Yes we can expect a fair share of dazzling plays from #9, but now more than ever Romo needs others to step up. It’s what championship teams do.

A Cowboys defense that showed some very positive signs in 2015 will have to continue to make plays in 2016, while Darren McFadden, Dez Bryant, and the rest of the offense will equally be required to help Tony.

If all of this comes true, I see no reason why the Dallas Cowboys can’t replicate what the Broncos just did – giving Tony Romo his first Super Bowl trophy.

So, if this is it Peyton, Cowboys Nation thanks you for an awesome career! 2015 certainly wasn’t our year, but it feels right to call it yours.

Now what will we be calling 2016, Cowboys fans? I say, let’s make it the year of Tony Romo!

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Written by Sean Martin

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