Scouting Report: Jarvis Landry WR LSU

It seems necessary for Dallas to go for a wide receiver sometime in the 2014 NFL Draft. Cowboys need to find one that can work the middle of the field, that can block, and durable. Dallas has one of the best receivers in the league right now, and we need to get viable options that can win one on one match ups. The Cowboys have Jason Witten who can beat Safeties with size, Terrance Williams who can get behind the defense and they need that intermediate guy that can beat the nickel corner.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 205


Jarvis Landry was apart of the 1-2 punch at LSU with Odell Beckham Jr. Odell was more of the homerun guy, as Landry was the guy that the used to move the sticks. Landry’s draft stock took a hit at the combine as he put out a woeful 4.77 40 time before injuring his hamstring. If you were looking for a fast time from him you didn’t watch him very closely. I do expect him to be in the low 4.6 range if he is healthy to run. This is why I think Landry translates to a good slot receiver.

Ability to separate: One of the big things you need to look at in a wide receiver is can he separate on his breaks. Overall, Landry does this quite well. There are times where he can get jammed and slowed up by DB’s but this will not be an issue if he is in the slot. Landry runs very crisp routes, and one of the best Wrs in this class at stemming to set his route up.

Hands: Landry has great hands. Not prone to drops. He uses his hands well and has show ability to catch the ball well in traffic. If the ball is close there is a good chance he will come down with it. His highlight catch versus Arkansas was simply amazing.

Blocking: One thing I look for in a receiver is what he does when he is not getting the football. Landry goes hard every play, he is physical in run blocking. He is not afraid to put his nose in there and block anytime he does not have the ball. Traits like this make me a firm believer in his work ethic.

Jarvis has always been the number two guy on a college team, can he be good enough to be a number two or three guy at the next level?

Struggles against top tier corners: When LSU played TCU anytime Verrett was on Landry it was tougher for Landry to get separation and be an option on the play. He also had some difficulty against Auburn as well when their number one corner was on him.

Size and Speed: As I stated before he is not a blazer, so there is always a concern that he may not have the same success at the next level trying to get open. He is only 5’11” as well so an okay size for a slot but he would not be an ideal fit on the outside.

If the cowboys could put Dez Bryant, Witten, Wiliams, and Landry on the field at the same time I think that would be a nice 3rd down package. Landry has a great opportunity to be a solid number two wide receiver in the NFL. I think he would be an ideal fit for Dallas in round three if he falls that far. On my grading scale of efficiency per play Landry scored the 2nd highest average of all Wrs. I would put a 2nd round grade on him picks 40-52 would be the range I could see him going in May.

What do you think?


Written by Tyson Banker


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