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Seahawks 27, Cowboys 17: Romo Dodges Disaster

The “real games” may not start until September, but things almost got very real for the Cowboys tonight.

On the third play of their third game, Dallas watched get crunched on a scrambling run. He lay on the turf holding his back, and the collective gut of was punched.

Thankfully, Romo got up and went to the sideline without help. He appeared to be okay and seemed to want to get back in, but was ultimately held out for the rest of the night. A few glimpses of Tony on the bench showed he was still favoring his back and wincing a little, but overall it appears that disaster was averted.

 - Ezekiel Elliott, #21The Romo scare nearly overshadowed the debut of , who did not fail to impress. The Cowboys' newest first-round pick had 48 yards on just seven carries, showing off his speed and power against the Seahawks' top defensive players.

Despite missing Romo, , , and the Cowboys went into halftime with a 10-10 tie. The Seahawks pulled away with their first-team units playing against Cowboys' backups in the third quarter.

Other Notes

  • didn't light up the scoreboard but may have been more impressive than ever. The rookie came in unexpectedly early after Romo's and showed his usual poise against Seattle's starting . He had a touchdown throw to and led the team on an impressive two-minute drive for a game-tying field goal before the half ended.
  • Elliott's debut deserve a little extra discussion. One play in particular, his spin away from , is the kind of “dynamic” move that helps explain why Dallas spent that high draft pick on him. Plenty of guys can chew up yards behind this , but Dallas wanted Elliott for those moments when special talent can be a difference maker.
  • Despite missing Crawford and Scandrick, the Cowboys starting defense played solidly. was in on several plays and looked ready for another season. also had a nice night.
  • , a low man on the , had a punt return touchdown called back on a . It was his second impressive punt return of the preseason. If he has any developmental potential at corner, it could be enough to earn a spot on the .
  • Speaking of the practice squad, receiver Rodney Smith showed what a year of experience can do with a good night. He and connected on several throws and eventually a touchdown late in the game. Smith distinguished himself from , the much-hyped rookie who has been disappointing in preseason play.
  • While the deadline for cutting down to 75 players isn't until Tuesday, Dallas' early Week 3 game could mean that cuts come at any point over the weekend. I'll have my updated projection out tomorrow along with a prediction on who will be included in the of cuts.
Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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chris delany

What the heck is it about Tony that sees him hit and hurt, far more often than any other quarterback in the league?

J (@gamma141)

What you are witnessing with Tony Romo and Dallas is the manifestation of an illness called denial. I have never seen an NFL QB’s career so over ! I guess Dallas will keep enabling it till he is in a Wheelchair ?

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