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Cowboys Blog - Sean Lee Named To Pro Bowl

I know what you're thinking, “Wait… what? Didn't we already find out the Pro Bowl rosters a long time ago?”

You're right! Typically though, at this time of year players on Playoff teams get nicked up and decide not to go play in the NFL's All-Star Game… providing the necessity for alternates.

of the is the latest domino of that variety to fall, he's been pretty banged up for about six weeks now, and the Pro Bowl found themselves in need of a new worthy of the honor.

Hello, Sean Lee.

Cowboys Blog - Sean Lee Named To Pro Bowl 1

“The General” as know him, rebounded very nicely in 2015 after missing the entire 2014 season with a torn ACL. Lee played just his second full season in a 4-3 and did so greatly… amassing 76 tackles and an amazing interception back in Philadelphia during a Week 2 contest.

Perhaps Lee's greatest achievement was the durability that he showed in 2015 – a trait that can be largely attributed to his transition to the weakside linebacker spot.

Lee impressed on a national level with a great game on when the Cowboys visited the Redskins in early December, but the most notoriety surrounding him came when he didn't play in the rematch against Washington at during the regular season finale.

During warmups before that game Sean didn't feel that he was physically equipped to play at the level that his team needed to – so he sidelined himself. This decision cost him almost $2 million in contract incentives… a move that showed precisely how much Lee respects the game of football and his teammates.

Cowboys Blog - Sean Lee Named To Pro Bowl 2

This is Sean Lee's first Pro Bowl selection of his career and he is the lone member of the to receive the honor.

Lee will join , , , and  as the Dallas Cowboys that are Hawaii-bound.

This has been a long time coming for Sean since he first stepped foot in Dallas all the way back in 2010. Great things are absolutely on the horizon for him, and it feels good to finally see him rewarded for his hard work.

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Zac Fields

I am surprised @Jess Haynie hasn't been all over this!

This is huge for Sean Lee and it's really vindication for him as he has constantly had to navigate through the increasing feeling among fans that he should just hang up his cleats and retire.

For those who keep saying the Pro Bowl is a joke, or whatever…… well, it's a big deal for some guys. It is validation that you are among the best at your trade. And for a guy like Sean Lee, it can provide a lot of validation for the hard work you put in.