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Several NFL Mocks Have Cowboys Going OL In 1st Round

The have been busy this , though much of the activity leaves a lot to be desired by some fans. All the same, still has the to look forward to, where he'll need to address several deficiencies in his roster.

Trading away has received a mixed response, especially after Jerry Jones must have realized he traded away his former wideout only to have him now play with . Afterward, Randy Gregory backtracked and changed his mind, opting to go to Denver instead. Nonetheless, and shouldn't bypass the as the Cowboys' biggest need.

With that in mind, it seems many outlets around the country also support that statement given the recent string of making the internet rounds.

What do mock drafts around the NFL say the Cowboys should do in the first round?

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports predicts that the Cowboys will go offensive line with the 24th selection. In particular, he sees one of the most lauded prospects in recent memory falling in Iowa's . Seen as the sixth-ranked prospect by , Linderbaum projects to be either a starting or possibly a if he bulks up in the NFL.

Regarded as a generational talent by some, Linderbaum would be a slam dunk for the Cowboys' brain trust, which has been taking some hits, especially after being on the receiving end of some harsh words from Gregory.

Should the Cowboys draft a tackle at 24?

Sports Illustrated seems to think so, as they have Tulsa's as the pick for Dallas. As most fans are aware of, and La'el Collins are gone. , on the other hand, can't seem to stay healthy. Drafting Tyler gives Dallas a prospect with great upside who could become an everyday starter at , but in the meantime, can take up some playing time at guard as he makes his NFL transition.

It should be noted that the Draft Network has the Cowboys going with of Texas A & M, a versatile lineman that can help all across the line. His versatility would come in handy as he can play virtually any position, save for center. Getting as much protection as possible should still be the Cowboys' top priority this offseason.

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Vic G

Zion Johnson should be the pick for Dallas at 24 if he’s available.


Let’s get OBJ, another good pass rusher, and a solid Offensive Line and we will be good. Are defense not too bad. We can’t take Cole Beasley back Fr too


We can take Cole Beasley back Fr

Lawrence C. Baker

To hell with Cole Beasley’s little redneck ass. Was talking smack about the Cowboys when he got to the Bills. Don’t need him, don’t want him back in Dallas.

Mitch Fought

Was supportive of randy going to my second favorite team but after his vocal crap I hope he flops badly in Denver. A lot of patience by cowboys as he worked out his issues and his reaction is totally unacceptable.

Lawrence C. Baker

Randy Gregory is an ungrateful Bastard! Jerry Jones stood behind him when others in the National Football League didn’t want to hear his name. All of a sudden he’s the toast of the town in Denver.! Really!!! Let’s see what happens if there’s a relapse with his personal off the field issue’s. Will Denver support his ass the way Jerry did? DOUBTFUL!!!


I hope they pick a OL. Williams was a penalty magnet every time they needed a crucial down. Another note: Randy Gregory left a bad distaste in our mouth. Dallas for once asked for accountability. Gregory didn’t have a problem as a player when he sat out on and off for three years under contract with his dope problem & Dallas put up with it. It’s amazing how these overpaid immatures whine when they have to be responsible. He whined on social media like a spoiled children. Randy, don’t let the door hit your broadside on the way out. We won’t miss your BS!

gary b

I’m not very familiar with Tyler Smith. Haven’t seem him on many 1st round draft boards. (and I read all of them). I know u do too VAM.

I like Green and Z Johnson. Both can play multiple positions, but are projected as guards for the cowboys. Linderbaum would be a good pick as well.


Yeah, gary b, like you, I try to keep up with players in the draft that could potentially help our team. Like our pick last year, MP. That one seems to be working out pretty well. Again, thanks Philly.

From what I see, T Smith is not a first-round prospect, more like maybe a 3rd rounder and probably more guard material than tackle. Of course, there is still time, and some guys seem to move up quickly last minute.

Cowboys fan

I don’t think we need to draft a center or a tackle in the 1st round!! We literally have nobody to play left guard for us, so if we’re gonna go offensive line in the 1st round then we NEED to draft Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson!! Both players can play multiple positions, especially Green!! Zion Johnson can play left guard and he played a little bit of center at the senior bowl, so he can be our left guard and backup center!! I think passing on either of them for any tackle or Linderbaum would be a mistake…. Especially Linderbaum!! Linderbaum is way under weight and we already have a center to play for us right now!! Biadasz gets bullied around by bigger DTs, but he’s not too bad other than that!! And he weighs 315 pounds, while Linderbaum only weighs 295, so if Biadasz gets bullied by bigger DTs, Linderbaum will definitely get bullied by them!! And as far as tackle goes, I believe Tyron Smith will be fine!! I think he would’ve played all 17 games last season if it wasn’t for Connor McGovern causing smith’s ankle injury!! So I think as long as something like that don’t happen again Smith should play the whole season!! So that still leaves us without a left guard!! So like I said, our first pick should be either Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson and that’s it!! Those are the only options at guard in the 1st round!!


Weight isn’t everything … ever heard of Mark Stepnoski?


All Cowboys fans better hope they don’t draft Tyler Smith after everything the Cowboys went through last season with penalties. Anyone doing their homework will see that Smith was penalized 16 (!!!!) times last year in college. No thanks.


And I agree with Vic that Zion Johnson should be the pick at 24. If Dallas magically had 2 picks there, I also like WR Chris Olave a lot too.


Unless the FO somehow thinks CM is the answer there, the biggest hole on the team is probably left guard. If Kenyon Green is there in the first round, it’s kind of a no brainer, but Zion Johnson could also be in the mix.

That said IF Jordan Davis were to somehow fall to them, then to me that’s the pick. Then get the guard in the second, maybe Sean Rhyan.

gary b

I agree. If Green/Johnson/Linderbaum are available…. I would be shocked if they don’t take one of them.

Also agree that J Davis would be the only other exception…,but doubtful he will be there at #24. In fact….he could sneak into the top 15.

Chuck Wright

Not unusual for an OT to start at OG to gain a year or 2 of seasoning. Would LOVE to land Tron’s eventual replacement or Steele’s for that matter.

There are also several OGs still available in FA, Dallas needs to add at least one OL in FA.

Christopher Dolan

Depending on the fallout of the draft and where are weaknesses are, then a WR isn’t out of the question at the #24 pick. When you listen to the Jones, especially Stephen, he continues to bring up the next 2 or 3 years and always in relation to the CAP.
Gallup has basically a 2 yr deal. CeeDee could also be up in 2 yrs, if he doesn’t perform as the WR1 that the Cowboys think he is. I also want to throw in Trevon Diggs, who also has 2 yrs left as a 2nd rd pick.
The thing that struck me is what happened over the last couple of days with Hill and Adams. It isn’t where they went, but how much they went there for. Davante to the Raiders for 28 million and Tyreek today for 30 million. Do you see Stephen Jones dropping those kinds of bags for CeeDee or for Diggs or after that Parsons?
(Maybe one or two of those players, but not all of them because SJ kneels at the altar of the CAP.)
As far as Tyler Smith is concerned, he strikes me as an OT with a lot of potential and a lot of penalties. He needs developing, but he sure has a ton of talent. For that reason, I can’t envision Ty as the BPA at #24.
My rule is your BRA in the 1st rd is a plug n play. If it is an OT or WR or OG so be it, but not a Center. Linderbaum (and I’m a Hawkeye fan) to me is a luxury pick. We don’t know if Biadasz has improved in the off season and the only real hole on the O-Line is the LG.
The LG hole doesn’t have to be filled at #24. My point is there are other options and possible strategies going on in the Dallas War Room.

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