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Should the Cowboys Sign Anthony Barr?

With the being over, there is still a chance for the to bring in some new faces. One player Dallas can bring in is linebacker, Anthony Barr.

Last season was probably his last with the . The 30-year-old recorded 72 tackles (38 solo), 2.5 , six hits, three interceptions and five pass breakups. Barr recorded a Pro grade of 62.9, including a pass-rush grade of 72.3.

While Barr is still a quality linebacker, he’s been set back by in the past two seasons. Barr played just two games in the after suffering a torn pectoral muscle. He also missed six games in 2021 due to injuries as well. Barr’s and age are the two biggest reasons why he remains unsigned.

However, Barr can still contribute to a team and make an impact. Linebacker could use some depth behind him at the position. The Cowboys also aren’t foreign to veteran players attempting to get their careers back on track. and rusher are two recent examples from the last couple of seasons.

Another reason to bring Barr in is his connection to a member of Dallas’ staff. , currently a senior defensive assistant for the Cowboys, was Minnesota’s from 2012-2019. He coached Barr from his season in 2014 to his departure in 2019. Under Edwards, Barr made four Pro Bowls and received a Second-team All-Pro honor in 2015.

One of the biggest issues in bringing Barr in would be his salary. The Cowboys have around $13 million in cap space and Barr made $10 million last season with the Vikings. The contract Dallas would likely offer would be at or close to the veteran minimum, which may not be acceptable for Barr.

Still, it would be worth it to try and bring Barr in. If he’s signed, you get an adequate veteran presence at the weak-side linebacker spot. He can rub off on Parsons well and bring added help in coverage and in pass-rush. Barr could bring some value to Dallas; why not give it a shot?

What do you think?

Nick Coppola

Written by Nick Coppola

Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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  1. It certainly makes sense to add Barr, unfortunately it’s probably not going to happen. I think most Cowboy fans have given up hope that the Jones’s, Will McClay, & Mike McCarthy, will do anything to improve this off-season. It seems Jerry Jones is determined to succeed “his way.” Which means improving via free agency is not an option. I sincerely believe the root problem with the Cowboys begins and ends with the Jones family.

  2. ONE, he WAS a very good player.

    TWO, he may still be a good player.

    THREE, they probably have enough depth to work with now in their LB room.

    FOUR, front office WILL NOT sign him, especially at his price tag.

  3. Why would we sign this guy? Another old broken down LB who has missed an entire season and half of one in the last two years. It’s called click bait. Sign him to the minimum veteran salary and hopefully he gives you half a season.

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