Signing This Veteran DT Could Help Cowboys Run Defense ✭
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Signing This Veteran DT Could Help Cowboys Run Defense

Signing This Veteran DT Could Help Cowboys Run Defense

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Signing This Veteran DT Could Help Cowboys Run Defense

Signing This Veteran DT Could Help Cowboys Run Defense

It’s no secret that the Achilles’ heel for the Dallas Cowboys over the past several seasons has been the neglect to improve things on the defensive side of the ball. Unfortunately, even though they devoted most of their draft resources to improve things, the Cowboys defensive performance so far in 2017 has been pretty abysmal, especially the run defense. But, I think the Cowboys run defense could improve if they signed veteran defensive tackle Arthur Jones.

Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys currently have an open roster spot because of the decision of Stephen Paea to retire due to reoccurring knee problems. Paea was one of the few Cowboys free-agent signings during the off-season, and he was expected to come in and add depth to the middle of the defensive line. Unfortunately now there is a need at the 1-tech and I believe Arthur Jones could possibly be the solution.

In case you are unfamiliar with Arthur Jones, he is the older brother of UFC fighter Jon Jones and current Arizona Cardinal OLB/DE Chandler Jones. Arthur probably doesn’t have the same kind of name recognition as his brothers, but I believe he can help the Dallas Cowboys nonetheless.

DT Arthur Jones

DT Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones would provide the beef in the middle of the Cowboys defense that they are currently lacking. At 6’3″, 320, Jones would be the biggest 1-tech the Cowboys DL have had in some time. But, he is a free agent for a reason.

Unfortunatelly, injuries and a suspension for PED’s ended up cutting his time with the Indianapolis Colts short. He never really lived up to the contract he signed with the Colts in 2014, and as a result ended up on the street.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. Why would the Dallas Cowboys want to sign a player who is currently on the street? Well, let me enlighten you.

Arthur Jones is currently the best option available to step in and help the Dallas Cowboys run defense at the 1-tech. I know there is a belief that the Cowboys will sign either Richard Ash or Lewis Neal from the practice squad for depth purposes, but Jones is better than both.

DT Lewis Neal

DT Lewis Neal

If Arthur Jones is indeed healthy, we could see the player that helped a dominant Baltimore Ravens defense win the Super Bowl a few seasons ago. Injuries unfortunately robbed him of his explosiveness during his time with Indianapolis, but if he is back to 100%, it’s definitely an area of his game that would upgrade the Cowboys defensive line.

I honestly believe he fits the exact mold defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli looks for in his 1-tech. Jones is equally effective holding up in the run game or providing inside pressure to the QB. His last two seasons in Baltimore when he was healthy, Jones accumulated at least four QB sacks in back to back seasons. That is the type of player the Colts thought they were getting when they signed him as a free agent, but injuries never allowed that to happen.

Now, I have no way of knowing if the Dallas Cowboys have any interest in Arthur Jones, but to me it actually makes a lot of sense to see if he has anything left in the tank. I believe he could make an instant impact in the middle of the Cowboys defensive line.

Should the Cowboys take a look at Arthur Jones?

Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

  • Charles

    Not what we need another player that never quite lived up to his potential and has issues with drug suspensions. I would pass.

    • Brian Martin

      Unfortunately, he’s probably the best free-agent DT available. But, the Cowboys will probably pass on him because of the issues you mentioned. I would personally bring him in for a tryout to see if he would be an upgrade or at the very least a good depth player.

  • nick

    Couldn’t hurt to sign him for this year and see what happens, we need a true 1 tech big enough to clog holes and get some push at the same time.

    • Brian Martin

      I would bring him in for a tryout to see if he could add depth and possibly be an upgrade. They need to do something.

  • Hobbes49

    I would be all for it. Give me a horse in the middle of the line. If he plays well, it helps everyone, Collins, Lee, Hitchens, and Wilson especially. We need a big body to clog those inside running lanes. Of course, we most likely won’t see it happen. It will be Neal or Ash.

    • Brian Martin

      I don’t really like the idea of signing Lewis Neal from the practice squad. They don’t need another 3-tech, especially in undersized one like Neal. I think Richard Ash gets what they need more, but he hasn’t really done anything since coming into the league a few years ago. That’s why taking look at Arthur Jones make sense to me. But, it probably won’t happen unfortunately.

      • Hobbes49

        I totally agree with you. Guess we will see on Saturday. Should make the decisionby then

  • Travis Diggs

    Dont hold your breath. This team has showed us time and time again that anything to improve this defense is always way to far fetched. Last week it was Navarro Bowman, Kinda Sorta had a chance to trade for Sherman, no action in free agency(1 retired and 1 released). This defense is atrocious and it’s gonna stay that way. Who is the second best player on this defense….anybody?????

    • Brian Martin

      I honestly think the Cowboys would’ve signed Bowman if he would’ve actually made it to Dallas. I’m honestly not too upset it didn’t happen though. And I was against trading for Sherman also. It would simply cost too much in not only money, but draft capital as well. The only thing we can do as fans is continue to remain patient and hope the Cowboys continue to make it a priority in the draft.

  • Russ_Te

    I’d like to sign him for DT and also LG… ;^)

    • Brian Martin

      Russ, I completely agree with you there. I think Arthur Jones could be an upgrade and the Cowboys could definitely use a better LG.

  • Russ_Te

    Roy Green was the last true 2-way player that I know of in the NFL. 1980’s…

    • Brian Martin

      I believe the Cardinals also used Patrick Peterson sporadically at times on offense as a WR. Much like the Cowboys did with Deion Sanders.

  • Mr. Jaguar


    I noticed the deadskins just released DT AJ Francis. He is 6-5 350 and 3 years removed from Maryland.
    The falcons also released DT Tanelo Tipetu, from Washington, 6-1 285, 1 year in the NFL.
    Maybe McClay take a look?

    How old is Jones? How many years in NFL? Like you said in your article, ” it’s a reason Jones is on the Street and not playing.”

    • Brian Martin

      I’m sure the Cowboys will explore all possibilities. Arthur Jones is 31 and has played seven years in the NFL. He was a member of the dominant Baltimore Ravens defense when they won the Super Bowl.

  • EverybodyTalks

    Truly, Stephen Jones has said repeatedly that they want to get their players through the draft. Jerry Jones was interviewed today and stated that they use free agency to fill in the bottom part of the 53 man roster. Example: Carroll was a bridge or insurance for Lewis to gain experience. Bene is still here because of all the hammy problems with Chidobe. Ash came from the practice squad to fill in for Paea. I’ll admit they were burned by Cedric, but you’re not going to get them all right. Dee Moore was insurance for the front four. He goes and Taco is getting more reps or Moore’s reps. Kellen was insurance for Cooper and now Kellen goes to the practice squad to save Blake Jarvin from a rumored grab by Philly. Again, that shows their view of going through the draft and their regard for Blake.. Zeke’s status has meant carrying 4 RBs. Depending on what goes down next week, could mean that one of our veteran RBs will become the insurance policy the Cowboys no longer need.

    • Brian Martin

      You laid out their roster strategy perfectly. I think this is what we will continue to see despite fans wanting the Cowboys to sign a big FA. The Cowboys will only do that if they believe that player is the missing link.

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