With the addition of Brice Butler earlier in the week, I became immediately intrigued with the player, feeling he could have a future with the beyond this year. Yet, that future may come at the expense of .

When taking a look at Butler, my first thoughts about him were that he looked like an unrefined .

His Route Running, Hands, and Consistency are below that of Nelson. He is also slightly slower off the line, but their physical traits are very similar. I can understand why would take a shot on the player. If Derrek Dooley can harness his potential, the Butler acquisition could be significant.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4q3szj_kTk]

As you can see here, Butler has the ability to adjust to the ball and shows excellent coordination to bring in the pass. While I am not saying he is of the same caliber as Nelson, he is from a similar cloth. I hope Dooley is able to fine tune Butler so he can reach his full potential. As you can see here, Butler definitely has the kind of attitude that Jason Garrett is extremely fond of.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaAgtNWewh8]

As shown above, Street has slightly above-average ability as a runner. Although his speed does not make him any more than a possession receiver at the NFL level, his Route Running has improved slightly from his college days, but still needs some work.

His dropped pass – turned Interception – on Sunday Night is evidence that he still needs to become more physical. He has added some muscle to his frame, but he has to come through in those situations and show toughness.

All reports speak of him as a hard worker, which definitely works in his favor.

At this point in their careers I would look to Butler having the most upside; however, Street has over a year in this offense and will have the opportunity to show his worth starting with the Eagles game on Sunday. Butler will have his opportunity probably starting against the Falcons. It will be interesting to see how their snaps are split.

If both are able to produce, I could see a scenario where both remain on the roster once returns. For the sake of the Cowboys, let's hope they both contribute and are consistent once the ball comes their way.