So long Mr. Jones

Well it seems the end of Julius Jones’ term with the Cowboys is upon us. I for one would like to take this time and in wishing him good riddance. Mr. Jones’ time here was pretty much a waste of time, his mere 588 yards this year is a perfect example of this. With “The Barbarian” playing the way he has played there is simply not any need for Jones.

The cowboys need a change of pace back to compliment Barber, but they need one that can continue to move the chains. Julius running style was just not compatible with this team. He spent too much time in the backfield dancing around looking for the perfect hole, when in reality the holes are there but by the time he gets to them they are closing up. Dallas needs a between the tackles back with break away speed ( for all of you that think this is Tyson Thompson you are so wrong). The Cowboys more than likely will address this problem in the draft as it is loaded with quality running backs.

I read in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram this morning that Julius’s agent was very excited about their prospects! he went on to say that his client “will field some very strong offers” well I suppose someone will offer him a good chunk of change. The problem I had and have with Julius is somewhat similar with my issues with Roy Willy as I believe he is an excuse maker instead of working on his inadequacies he makes excuses such “Coach Parcells had me running like a robot” granted Parcells is a jerk of the highest proportions but come on! he had to tell you how to run because you stayed in the backfield doing the Macarena instead of hitting the hole!

Well Julius now you can go off to some other team and make excuses and collect on those “very strong offers”. Thanks for the memories!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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