So what’s next for Mo Claiborne?

Mo Claiborne didn’t take the news very well of his demotion in favor of Orlando Scandrick.  So much so, that he allegedly stormed out of the facility.  If that’s the case, then Mo can expect some type of disciplinary action.

What I don’t understand is why did he take the news so hard? He knows he hasn’t played well, even admitted to it after the game against the Rams. And he knows the only reason he was starting since the first game was because Orlando Scandrick was suspended.

I have backed Mo from day one, even wrote about it earlier in the year. But now I feel Claiborne has been in a fragile state of mind since he was injured once again in training camp. He wasn’t able to get the work in that he dearly needed, and sure enough, it’s showed.

He didn’t play well against the 49ers; he played better against the Titans, but against the Rams he played what may have been the worst game of his career. Yes, he came up with the game ending interception, but that wasn’t enough to cover up all the damage that had already been done.

He knows that, and after the Rams game he even said he “stunk it up.”

“Not in my eyes,” Claiborne said, when asked if the interception erased his struggles. “It seemed to do that with everybody else. Not in my eyes.

“I’m ready to go learn from this tape and get better from it. Like I told the DBs, no matter what the outcome is I can’t go out and play like that. If we want to be the No. 1 defense in the league, on my end, I can’t go out like that”     

But maybe there was something else that set Mo off. Could it be he heard what owner Jerry Jones said about him in a radio interview earlier that same morning?

“Is he what we had hoped for at this point when we drafted him with the sixth overall pick, giving up the [second-round] pick to go up to the sixth pick to get him? No,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “But he’s going to be a good player.” 

Even with hearing that, Claiborne has to act like a professional, and not like some spoiled brat that didn’t get his way. Mo needs to think about the team first. The team has given him ample opportunity and this is no way to show his gratitude or warrant more.

I don’t believe Mo will be released – I think he will be fined and put on the inactive list for the Saints game. But I think that’s about all the disciplinary action that will be taken. I also feel once Mo has some time to think about this, he will realize what he did and that it was a mistake, and then own up to that mistake.

So in saying that, I feel all of this will be swept under the rug by the time the Saints game gets here. Well, it will be by the team and Mo. ESPN and the rest of the mediots will jump on this horse and ride it for as long as it will go.

What do you think?

Brian Leatherman

Written by Brian Leatherman

Brian has been a football junkie from the time he was 5 years old. He lives, eats and breathes the game. Brian is a college graduate living in the south who loves his faith, his family, and his Dallas Cowboys.


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